Kristy Collins

Welcome to my creative haven in Waterford, Connecticut — a place where art, literature, and a deep-rooted passion for animals converge. I am an artist and writer, not just by profession but by calling. My family, an inspiring blend of my supportive husband, three dynamic children, and an eclectic mix of pets, infuses life into every canvas and story I create.

Our home is a bustling sanctuary where chinchillas leap with quiet grace, hedgehogs explore with curious snuffles, and our dogs—each a masterpiece of loyalty and love—prowl with a serene sense of guardianship. These creatures are not merely pets; they are my muses, influencing my art and narratives with their unique spirits and tales.

Within the lush greenery of Waterford, my studio overlooks a landscape that echoes the tranquility and beauty we so often seek. Here, in this serene corner, my days are spent with brush or pen in hand, translating the whispers of nature and the language of animals onto paper and canvas.

As an advocate for animal care, my work often reflects the themes of compassion, coexistence, and the profound bonds we share with our non-human companions. Through my writing, I aim to raise awareness of the simple yet profound ways we can make the lives of our pets richer and happier. I also use my art to capture the soulful expressions of the animals I so cherish, hoping to inspire others to look deeper into the eyes of all creatures great and small.

I believe every animal has a story worth telling, and through my creative endeavors, I strive to be the voice for those who speak in paws, claws, and silent gazes. Whether I’m sketching the serene poise of a chinchilla or penning a tale inspired by the antics of my dogs, the essence of my life’s work is to celebrate and care for the animals that grace our lives.

In the embrace of my family and surrounded by the animals I adore, I continue to craft a life where art, words, and animal welfare are interwoven into a tapestry of daily living. I invite you to join me in this journey, to find inspiration in the beauty of our shared world, and to recognize the unconditional love and lessons our animal companions provide.

With heart and soul dedicated to the care and adoration of every creature that crosses my threshold, I am a storyteller not just of human experiences, but of the animal narratives that unfold quietly, yet profoundly, around us.

Warm regards,