Easy Guide To Official AKC French Bulldog Colors

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Official dog breeds standards focus on general features, and AKC French bulldog colors that are subject to recognition are one such feature. It can be difficult to choose a specific pup as a new pet, and information on the breed is invaluable. 

When considering standard Frenchie colors, the breed displays an assortment of options, some more atypical than others. As diverse as a French bulldog’s coat can be, not all available colors are accepted by the American Kennel Club. Many new owners wish to get a Frenchie that meets official standards and start getting to know what they are.

Where Do French Bulldog Colors Come From?

French bulldogs were originally bred from English bulldogs and the combination with other breeds, like terriers, results in the colors of today. Since France is where this breed took shape, the name that depicts the breed reflects its origins.

akc french bulldog colors

Frenchies were very popular with Parisian elites, and their appearance differs quite a lot from the English bulldog. Their coat colors have a long history with the Frenchie breed, with brindle and pied colors being the oldest. Subsequent cross-breeding with other dogs, more and more colors became apparent and made an even wider spectrum. 

Among the many diverse coat colors Frenchies display today we have cream, black, blue, lilac, and even merle coloration. Not all these color variations are official in the eyes of the AKC. If recognition is the goal, choosing a standard color French bulldog is the way to go.

What Are The Official AKC French Bulldog Colors?

The evolution of the French bulldog colors goes back as far as 1897 when the only standard color was brindle. Fast forward to 1911 revisions introduced other colors such as cream, fawn, and piebald patterns

The AKC French bulldog colors that are acceptable today are white, brindle, fawn, or a combination of brindle and white. Among the exclusions are solid black, white, and black mixes, mouse, liver, and black with tan. 

Brindle coloration for French bulldog

Perhaps the most conventional Frenchie coat color, brindle patterns are a staple for this breed. This color usually has a fawn coat color base with darker brindle extending hairs on top. This color usually covers the entire body but there can be a lighter color on their bellies.

There is also a reverse coloration pattern of brindle that encompasses a predominance for the fawn color instead of black. This version of reverse brindle is one of the more rare coat colorations a Frenchie can display. Even with this variation it is still an AKC French bulldog colors recognized feature. 

Fawn colored Frenchie

A fawn coat on a Frenchie looks a little reddish and covers the entire body, slightly lighter on the belly. Different shades of fawn range from very light, almost looking like cream, to a darker red fawn color. 

Since this is a lighter color than a brindle, it can come with or without a mask. The mask typically is a darker color around the nose and eyes and is more visible in lighter coats. This color can even be diluted and make some more unique variations. The fawn coat of the Frenchie falls under the official standard of AKC French bulldog colors.

Cream Frenchie coat color

An authentic cream coat for French bulldogs should ordinarily look somewhat off-white all the way through in a solid color. Some lighter fawn colors can be mistaken for cream as it is a recessive dilution from the fawn color. 

No other markings are present on a cream coloration French bulldog, and they could still have some black pigmentation. This black pigmentation makes their black noses, eye rims, lips, and paw pads. Since it is quite different from the fawn shade, even their DNA can differ from a cream color version. 

Piebald Frenchie pattern

Piebald is not exactly a color per se but a pattern combination of two other colors. It’s still a fetching variation many Frenchies still exhibit and is seen as official AKC French bulldog colors. 

A pied pattern showcases spots of color on a solid background. Many combinations can be included in the official AKC French bulldog colors as it can include all the other official colors. Aside from the legitimate colors, pied coloration in French bulldogs can often include some non-official colors.

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Non-standard French Bulldog Colors

Even though non-official AKC French bulldog colors make for shunning recognition of certain examples in this breed they still exist. Apart from color these more uniquely colored Frenchies still have the same physical appearance of the breed. 

Black and white French bulldog coat color

A deviation from the standard, black Frenchies are still quite stunning and can even have a rare brindle coloration. Other than that, a solid inky-colored Frenchie has a different DNA than the standard.

White coats on a French bulldog is also known as platinum and it’s more a dilution of the cream color. This is especially evident in the discoloration around their nose, paws, and eye. The black and white colors are also seen in pied combinations. 

Blue, lilac, chocolate, and dilution French bulldogs

A chocolate color on a French bulldog is usually the result of a dilution of the black color. This makes it so that the resulting coat looks dark brown, almost like chocolate. 

Blue-colored coats on a Frenchie are another dilution of chocolate or black which makes the coat look grey. Lilac is similar to blue looks almost the same and is diluted from black. All these variations are possible due to a dilution gene that passes down to new puppies. 

Merle pattern French bulldog 

Another gene that influences coat color variations is the merle gene. This creates spotted patches of color almost like water drops. This gene also affects skin pigmentation as well as eye color. 

There is quite the controversy around this gene as in some cases it can affect the dog’s health. Suffice it to say the French bulldog AKC colors do not recognize it and it’s seen as a major deviation. 

standard frenchie colors


Conforming with AKC French bulldog colors is something to bear in mind, especially if participation in contests is the goal. Some more rare colors will not hold up to official standards, however unique they may be. 

Other color options on the other hand are extremely beautiful and don’t impact a French bulldog’s overall health. Picking one of the many options available depends solely on the owner and each individual preference.

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