Quick Guide To American Bulldog Pros and Cons

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For many future dog owners, weighing American bulldog pros and cons comes very early in the decision-making process of adopting a dog from this breed. This is a direct result of their violent history and the image of aggression conjured up in most people’s minds. 

Ever the underdog, the bulldog has undergone many different stages in its history, and at present, aggression was something carefully bred out of them. This is not to say that it’s a breed without faults, but its quirks are what makes it so endearing. Deciding to adopt an American bulldog is a commitment that has both positive and less appealing aspects to it.

American Bulldog Pros And Cons – Physical Appearance

The pros and cons of American bulldogs‘ appearance, circle around uniqueness, which doesn’t mean ugly. Although they have brachycephalic snouts, it doesn’t look as pronounced as that of an English bulldog.

American bulldogs’ bodies are very muscular and so can exert quite some strength for such a compact frame. This overall appearance is what appeals to many would-be owners, and an American bulldog is thus their perfect dog. 

Pros and cons of bulldogs, in general, can encompass different aspects among bully breeds themselves. The appearance of an American bulldog is very similar to a Pitbull’s, which is famously banned in some countries. 

That confusion may render some dissociation and prejudice against the American bulldog. Wanting green eyes for a dog is another aspect that can cause confusion, as Pitbulls are more prone to have green eyes. 

American Bulldog Pros And Cons – Behavioral Aspects

Formulating a list of pros and cons of bulldogs before diving into getting one is a responsible method of deciding. This is especially true when taking into consideration bulldog’s behavioral traits. 

Are Bulldogs Dangerous?

While the bulldog breed generally has a long history of aggression and pit fights, undesired traits are bred out of them. The bulldog saw one of the most carefully planned breeding procedures with human intervention. Originally this was so that aggressive traits were displayed in future generations, but that changed with time. 

Some of those traits may manifest differently in the form of stubbornness and on occasion disobedience. Their focus and drive, ordinarily exhibited in pit fights,  might now be seen as acute confidence. Most American bulldog admirers know them for their lovable smiley faces and sturdy demeanor. 

American bulldogs do need a firm hand and a lot of socialization in their puppy stage, as they can be quite territorial. Training is a little hard because bulldogs tend to be highly independent and mostly want to do things on their own. With regular and systematic training they can be taught, but it does require patience.

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American Bulldogs Personality And Temperament

There is no single list that can encompass every aspect of any dog’s personality but common ones are identifiable. American bulldogs in particular are known to be fiercely loyal companions with high energetic dispositions. 

These high bursts of energy will mean they require some outlet to release it, in the form of daily walks. They can be reserved with other people and their dogs while out and about, but constant socialization helps with that. 

There is an interesting contrast between an American bulldog’s muscular appearance and the gentle nature it often displays. With their massive frames they still sometimes consider themselves lap dogs.

Training And Discipline

Walking a bulldog can be a challenge if they fancy themselves sleigh dogs and decide to pull you along for the ride. American bulldogs are muscular, powerful dogs and can very easily pull you down if they wish. This is where some essential training is very much a requirement. 

A bulldog can learn to walk nicely by its owner’s side with positive reinforcement and high-value treats. It’s also important to teach them recall at a very early stage and indoors, or in a courtyard. American bulldogs have a strong prey drive and they will dash after squirrels, so control is important. It’s safe, however, to keep them on a leash during walks. 

Patience and repetition are the most vital elements to channel when attempting to train a bulldog. Depending on their personality some may be easier to train than others, it’s not uniformly difficult with all dogs. 

American Bulldog Pros And Cons Regarding Health And Grooming

No dog breed is completely immune to genetic health issues and the American bulldog has a few of its own. Potential health problems do not automatically mean that your dog will suffer from them, but it’s something to bear in mind. 

Health Issues

We mentioned that the bulldog had traits bred out from them, but in an effort to make a profit, some breeders aren’t as responsible. Hip and joint problems can be present if the breeder has not invested in checking for this with the parents. 

Brachycephalic dogs like the American bulldog can have difficulty breathing, and in extreme cases require surgery to open the airways. Other health issues include allergies, cherry eye, kidney disorder, and obesity. Some of these issues need not ever make themselves known, others can be tempered with the proper diet and care. 

Unlike English bulldogs, American bulldogs have an easier breeding process. This means no assisted breeding via in vitro and natural birth. There may still be a need for a C section but it’s not as common. 


American bulldogs typically have short coats which do shed but not in vast quantities. They will need brushing maybe once a week to loosen some of that hair and reduce itchiness or scratching. 

Bathing is something to be done occasionally, and if they get really dirty. Too much bathing can strip their natural oils and cause irritation. Some issues with weather conditions must also be a consideration. Hot weather can cause breathing problems and cold water may damage their paws.


There are many American bulldog pros and cons across the board, but what it ultimately boils down to, is preference. Something about this breed inspires much love and that is evident by their popularity. 

With the bad reputation of its history, the bulldog is now a loveable joyful companion. Their antics will surely put a smile on your face and those expressive faces only add to their appeal. 

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