Amazing Features Of American Bulldogs Guard Dogs

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The bulldog has had a rich history with hunting and fighting as the main features and American bulldogs guard dogs benefit from that history. With a common ancestry to the English bulldog, the American bulldog has come to share in many of its traits. 

Many future American bulldog admirers seek this breed out specifically for their guarding tendencies. They are not the only breed to inspire such voracious loyalty but many cite their intimidating appearance as the appeal. For them, there is no struggle with indecision when it comes to picking out an American bulldog. 

American Bulldogs Traits

The most typical American bulldog traits are what make it a great guard dog.

Physical features 

With a compact body, exhibiting a wide powerful chest, the American bulldog has quite an impressive appearance. This only adds to its appeal as an ideal-looking guard dog. 

Its broad head packs a lot of power and has less exaggerated features than an English bulldog does. Even with the hefty body, the American bulldog is a highly active dog and boasts incredible agility. This is most evident as they sprint at full speed across a field.

american bulldog as guard dog

The personality of an American bulldog

The American bulldog is a very strong, fearless breed with great loyalty for its owners and family. They have been used as working dogs and can be prone to herding instincts, hunting, and even droving. Their name does suggest a past in dealing with bulls.

As pets today, those traits can lead them to act in a protective manner towards the home and owners. Fiercely independent, this breed is best suited for more experienced owners, with patience and calm in droves. 

This sturdy-looking dog is very eager to please its owner. They can even be extremely loving towards children and family members. With guidance and encouragement from their owners, they can be open about accepting strangers. All these personality traits work well when training comes into play as they live to please.

Difference Between A Guard Dog And Watchdog

It’s invaluable to distinguish the difference between a guard dog and a watchdog, particularly when looking for one specific trait. Sometimes the two come hand in hand and are interchangeable, but each has distinctive attributes. 

A watchdog, with its intelligence and vigilance, is capable of alerting the owner of any possible intruders that may be close. Good hearing and an acute sense of smell might be some features the watchdog needs to possess. 

On the other hand, a guard dog not only has to have keen senses to determine possible intruders but also manages to confront them. Being able to face up against intruders requires a good amount of courage and nerve of which the bully has. 

With confidence and bravery checked off the list, strength is the only other trait necessary. American bulldogs guard dogs are maybe the best option for this specific need in mind. They are physically capable of tackling a person to the ground. 

Considerations About American Bulldogs Guard Dogs

American bulldogs guard dogs have formidable instincts with regards to protecting their territory and close ones. That being said, some things need to be considered when letting them engage in this activity. Motivated by instincts, the bulldog can and does go beyond raising the alarm of intruders to its owner. 

As an American bulldog will surely engage with any trespasser, the amount of control the owner can exert is important. Safety here is not just for would-be burglars, but for the dog too. This is where training comes into play, sometimes professional training could be optimal as this is not quite the easiest breed to train. 

Training An American Bulldog As A Guard Dog

Many people want an American bulldog for its impressive physique and strength, mostly to be a deterrent in the face of intruders. This application though requires training, and that can be a costly endeavor if it’s to be done right. 

Safety and security come with hours of obedience training so that the dog will respond to command each and every time. Bulldog protection might not be the most efficient method of securing the property, so investing in home security may be better. 

Are English Bulldogs Good Guard Dogs?

The English bulldog is a dog that can hold its ground. With a massive personality cramped into a stout body, this dog means business. They share a lot of their traits with the American bulldog, and with training, they can become imposing guard dogs. 

Devoted and protective 

English bulldogs get very attached to their families and become fiercely loyal and protective towards them. Attributes such as these make for great guard dog material. Pack mentality is a part of the English bulldog mind frame, and they will consider family members and close pets as their pack. 

Antagonistic towards other animals or strangers

bulldog protection

The English bulldog can display signs of aggression directed at strangers and other animals they don’t know. This is especially true for male Bulldogs that have not had enough socialization growing up. 

These aggressive tendencies might be a positive push towards making them great guard dogs, but they need to be controlled. Training is vital in order to control a bulldog and that too can be difficult. 

English bulldogs are usually predisposed to do what they want and require a lot of patience to train. Expert help can be a good path for them, with better training outcomes. As bulldogs have a past as fighting dogs, some of their genetic features make them a great choice as guard dogs. 

American Bulldogs Guard Dogs – Conclusion 

Whether opting for an English bulldog or American bulldogs guard dogs, both have similar features that mesh well with protection. Their robust muscular build for which they are known, mark them as one of the most impressive looking dogs. 

With their aggressive tendencies under control, bulldogs can make good watch and guard dogs. A little time, patience, and a consistent training routine can get them to comply with commands, enhancing their protective instincts. They can be dependable property protecting dogs or at least a deterrent against any strangers, especially with that strong bark

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