American Bulldogs vs English Bulldogs

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English Bulldogs are some of the most popular family dogs in the world right now and making the American Bulldogs vs English Bulldogs comparison is important if you’re thinking about getting one of these dogs. Their American cousins, however, aren’t far off. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the most important differences between these two breeds.

Differences In Appearance

Firstly, you’re going to notice the massive differences in appearance. American Bulldogs are, for one, much taller and usually heavier than their English counterparts.

These dogs usually weigh up to 100 pounds and they can grow up to 25 inches in height – essentially making them thin Rottweilers.

English Bulldogs, however, aren’t taller than 15 inches and they don’t weigh more than 50 pounds – unless they’re obese.

Differences In Appearance

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This is another noticeable thing regarding these dogs – American Bulldogs are much more athletic, while English Bulldogs are more of a laid-back type. American Bulldogs have more muscle mass in regard to their own body weight and they’re thinner in regard to their own body weight.

There are also major differences when it comes to their skin and their looks – the English Bulldog has more wrinkles (and they’re actually famous for those wrinkles), while the American Bulldog has a longer (and healthier) head.

The chest of an American Bulldog is round and large, just like the English Bulldog, while their legs are much longer than those of their English counterparts.

If you put them one next to another, it looks like the English Bulldog is just an American Bulldog that’s been squished! Their coats are fairly similar – they’re both short and fine.

Differences In Behavior

When it comes to lifestyle, there are major differences between these two dogs.

The American Bulldog is much more active and athletic – these dogs need you to walk them or run them regularly and they love spending time out with their owners.

Differences In Behavior

This is the opposite of the English Bulldog.

The English Bulldog needs very little physical activity and they’re more than happy to just spend time with you on the couch. This is why the English Bulldog also needs less space.

Since they’re smaller animals, they don’t have a problem living in an apartment. American Bulldogs, however, won’t like that. Even though you can teach any dog virtually anything and your American Bulldog can adapt to an indoor life – they’ll be much happier with a large yard.

English Bulldogs are essentially big babies and they don’t want to sleep outside or spend time away from their owners, while American Bulldogs can feel claustrophobic in closed spaces and they want to be able to run around.

Health and Care Differences

These are the most important differences you should keep in mind when you’re choosing your dog.

It’s very difficult to do American Bulldogs justice and depict just how healthier they are than English Bulldogs. Unfortunately, English Bulldogs are inherently very unhealthy dogs.

They’re brachycephalic, which means that their respiratory system is shaped in such a way that they can’t breathe properly. This causes them a lot of pain and the fact that we’re breeding these dogs is deemed so cruel by some veterinarians that some countries have banned breeding them completely.

Unfortunately, the chronic brachycephalic syndrome is apparent in a great majority of English (and French) Bulldogs to the point where they’re constantly choking from the moment they’re born until the moment they die. Not to mention that this state can also potentially cause dozens of others very dangerous illnesses.

The American Bulldog, on the other hand, is immeasurably healthier and they in general require much less care. Even though there’s a degree of the brachycephalic syndrome apparent in these dogs too, it’s much less developed and there are many dogs that don’t display a single symptom for the entirety of their lives.

Getting an English Bulldog almost guarantees that you’ll be spending a lot of time and money at the vet’s, not to mention that you won’t be able to take them out for long walks or runs because they can’t breathe properly, and they overheat very quickly.

Additionally, most English Bulldogs can’t swim since they can’t keep their heads up, while American Bulldogs can. It’s also true that chronic brachycephalic syndrome directly enhances the development of arthritis and various skin illnesses – something that isn’t as common with American Bulldogs.

Even though it’s harsh – English Bulldogs are riddled with illnesses because we, as breeders, allowed them to get this way and these dogs are now suffering a painful fate because of that.

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What is the difference between English Bulldog and American Bulldog?

The most obvious differences are in appearance, as American Bulldogs are much larger and heavier, but they're also more athletic and generally healthier. American Bulldogs are also easier to take care of.

Are American bulldogs healthier than English Bulldogs?

Yes, American Bulldogs are much healthier as English Bulldogs are, unfortunately, riddled with illnesses. This means that their owners have to spend a lot of time and money at the vet's to minimize the pain and help their dogs lead quality lives.

Which breed is better for families?

English Bulldogs are more laid back, so they're a great choice for families as they get on well with kids. However, if you're an active family, then the American Bulldog is a better choice as these dogs have endless amounts of energy. Even though it doesn't exist, an American Bulldog mixed with English Bulldog would be best.

To End

Even though the differences between English and American Bulldogs are vast, both of these dogs are deserving of our love. It’s true that American Bulldogs are healthier, more active, and athletic, while they’re also easier to train.

On the other hand, English Bulldogs are more laid back and they’re a better fit for someone that spends the majority of their time inside.

It’s also important to remind that American Bulldogs are much healthier and they’re generally easier to take care of, while they’re also less needy and they’re okay with their owner leaving home for work.

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