What Is The Average Cost Of English Bulldog And Why?

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If you’re thinking of getting an English bulldog you may be wondering what is the average cost of English bulldog and why? These dogs are both very popular and loved by their owners, however, that translates to a not-insignificant price tag. So, let’s go over the average cost of English bulldogs below and what makes these dogs as pricey as they are.

What Is The Average Cost Of English Bulldog?

Most stats we could find point that the average cost of English bulldogs ranges between $1,500 and $4,000. If these numbers caught you off-guard, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. Bulldogs have a very distinct “working-man” kind of look and that image doesn’t really fit with a price tag of $4,000.

Of course, we are talking about purebred English bulldogs and not about dogs you can find in shelters or through other people’s social media posts. If you look hard enough you can find even a free purebred bulldog that way. However, there are quite a few good reasons why purebred English bulldogs are as costly as they are.

Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive?

The first big reason why the average cost for English bulldogs is what it is lies in this breed’s birthing process. Unlike other dog breeds, English bulldogs typically need C-sections to give birth. That’s because of the size of bulldog puppies as well as their unique head shape. And with canine C-sections often costing as much as $1,500 in the US, you can see why the pups rarely cost less than $1,500 themselves.

Add the standard costs attached to breeding any purebred dog and the price can get even higher than that. Additionally, dog breeding usually involves a lot of care for the dog’s health. Adequate dog breeders spend a lot of effort and time in selecting their dogs by health so that future generations are only bred from a healthy stock. All that time and effort the breeder puts into raising healthy pups further bump up the price.

How Much Do Baby Bulldogs Cost In Pet Stores?

Another factor in the pup’s price is the type of breeder you’re shopping from. Pet stores, for example, almost always get their dogs from puppy mills. These are breeders that pay little to no attention to the health and the genetic predispositions of the dogs they are breeding. Instead, they quite literally focus on “quantity over quality” and often breed pups that grow into unhealthy dogs.

However, by going this route, puppy mills also save a lot of costs and can offer lower prices – usually closer to $1,500 than $4,000. Pet stores themselves also tend to cut as many corners as possible which is why most pups there are kept in tiny glass cages all day long.

 how much do baby bulldogs cost

How Much Is An English Bulldog In Reputable Breeders?

The price of an English bulldog from a reputable breeder is much closer to $4,000 which is definitely an uncomfortable number to look at. However, such breeders will offer you a health certificate for the pup as well as certificates for its parents. This reduces and almost eliminates any risks of debilitating health conditions down the line.

Additionally, adequate breeders also raise their pups well, keep them active and happy, socialize them properly, and even start working on their obedience training, house-breaking habits, and crate training. So, you’ll definitely be getting more bark for your buck if you work with a reputable dog breeder rather than a puppy mill.

English Bulldogs In Shelters and Rescues

With English bulldogs being as popular as they are, it’s not difficult to find these dogs in shelters and rescues too. Both young and old bulldogs can be seen in almost every shelter across the US.

The drawback of getting a dog from a shelter is that it wasn’t bred there and you can’t get a health certificate. You can get a comprehensive vet check-up and a health report, however. Plus, getting an adult dog means that you can choose a dog that has already been trained and socialized.

As for prices – that depends on the shelter. Some shelters give their pups for free while others still charge you a bit as they need to cover their operational costs. In either way, the price isn’t going to be anywhere near the $1,500 to $4,000 diapason we outlined above.

English Bulldog Price Vs American Bulldog Price

The costs of these two types of bulldogs are quite comparable. American bulldog prices are usually listed between $1,500 and $3,500 and for many of the same reasons as English bulldogs. Even those $500 off the higher price range can be chalked off to statistical error. So, for all intents and purposes, English and American bulldogs cost more or less the same.

Is The Average Cost Of English Bulldog An Indicator Of Their Health?

Very much so. The initial reason for the high prices of this breed is the necessary C-section. However, health considerations are the main difference between puppy mills and reputable breeders. And this is a key difference. English bulldogs can suffer from quite a few different health conditions when they aren’t bred properly. These include and are not limited to:

All in all – English bulldogs are far from the healthiest dogs out there. In fact, because of puppy mills, the breed is now believed to be so inbred that it will never fully recover.

So, paying the extra price for a less unhealthy bulldog from a reputable breeder is definitely a good idea.

Is The Average Cost Of English Bulldog Worth It?

This is a two-pronged question.

Is the price of properly-bred English bulldogs worth it over that of bulldogs in puppy mills? In our opinion – yes, definitely. The health problems you’ll save your dog from will more than makeup for the initial investment.

As for whether that price is worth it over the lower prices of other non-bulldog breeds – that’s all a matter of preference. If you are as much of a fan of these bundles of joy as we – yes, it’s worth it.


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