A Quick Guide To The Best Diet For French Bulldog

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One of the top responsibilities of caring for a Frenchie is to supply the best diet for french bulldogs that suits their individual nutritional needs. The right food for any dog will provide nourishment, vitamins, and minerals to sustain a happy healthy life. 

Many factors are taken into consideration when looking for dog food, from age and weight to breed and energy level. Not all dogs are the same and may require a little more attention with their diet. Starting with puppies and up to senior dogs, it’s normal for their diet to change over time. 

The Best Diet For French Bulldogs – Different Kinds Of Food

The market is filled with many different brands and types of dog food. On a simpler note, it all boils down to either dry, wet, raw, or even homemade food. A good diet is integral to both a young puppy and an older Frenchie, so it often depends on each case. 

Discovering what is the best diet for french bulldogs may take some time as some picky eaters can arise or have food allergies. Observing how they react to different kinds of food will show what they like and how they fare with it. Digestions can be a tricky issue to resolve with more sensitive dogs so it’s important to monitor them. 

Dehydrated Food For French Bulldog Diet

The most widely accepted type of dog food on the market comes in dry form. Various shapes and sizes of dry granules, flavored with both meat and veggies are what make the bulk of dry dog food. This kind of dog food is the most common and as such it has its benefits. 

Dry food, as the name suggests, has little to no water in its composition, which is perfect for sensitive stomachs. Too much water in food can irritate the stomach and produce runny soft stools. 

There are many reasons why this form of dog food is so popular. It’s highly affordable, has a long shelf life, and offers many different flavoring options. It comes packed with appropriate nutritional ingredients to supply carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

There are also selections of dry food with no grains or with limited ingredients. These kinds of specially developed dry foods are perfect for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomachs, especially when dealing with allergies. Dry food can also contribute to keeping a dog’s teeth strong and healthy.

Wet Food For The French Bulldog Diet

Wet dog food can either be found in a can, in packets, or in tins. This type of food largely consists of some kind of stew-like dog food, with gravy or jelly. As the name suggests, it contains water, rendering a soft texture to it. This sort of food is most popular with young puppies, mostly due to their underdeveloped teeth and transition from milk. 

Wet dog food is a little more pricey than dry food, but most dogs seem to enjoy it more. For certain choosy eaters, wet food can be the answer, even when in combination with dry food. The soft texture of wet food helps dogs with mouth and teeth problems as it is easier to eat it. For dogs experiencing kidney issues, wet food can supply nutrients without much kidney functionality needed. 

The disadvantage of it is so easy to chew means that overall dental health might fall as it requires less chewing. The watery consistency can also affect stool and cause softness or even diarrhea. It does have a long shelf life comparable to dry food, easing any worries in this regard. 

best diet for french bulldog

Raw Diet For French Bulldog

Raw dog food options have come on many dog owners’ radars as a more naturalistic form of diet. Many pet owners want to provide their dogs with a diet similar to what their ancestors, wolves, might have eaten. 

Commercial raw dog food commonly includes ground raw meat, bones, fruits, and veggies. You should seek veterinary advice before deciding to opt for raw food options, as not all raw foods are beneficial. Not all vets agree on this type of food for dogs and so options will vary. 

Homemade Dog Food

In keeping in line with raw natural food options, one might want to delve into homemade food for their dogs. If the natural aspect of a dog’s diet is the goal, then preparing it at home is a good choice. 

Many advantages come from preparing food at home for a dog, the best one being how fresh everything can be. Freshness also assures the best possible nutritional value, full of vitamins and minerals. 

Opting to make food at home is perfect for a French bulldog as one can implement changes as necessary. Certain food allergies are thus easily avoided because you know exactly what goes into their food. Having control over their food like this also assures artificial preservatives or dyes are no longer present. 

Some of these homemade options can be used raw, especially veggies and fruit. For instance, frozen fruit treats are a great way to cool down dogs in summer. Maybe the biggest disadvantage in preparing dog food at home is time. Buying and prepping dog food at home will also mean food shelf life is lower. It’s also harder to make a well-balanced meal at home. 

The Best Diet For French Bulldogs By Age

In determining which is the best dog food for french bulldogs puppies, age is a factor to consider. Puppies growing up need more to aid in their development, so quantities will vary as the pup strides into adulthood. Puppy food specially produced for puppies is the best way to go. 

As for older Frenchies, which after the age of six may become less active, lower quantities of food should suffice. Less activity most likely will mean weight gain and that affects their health, and senior catered dog food is best. 

In Conclusion

It’s very important to provide the best diet for french bulldogs, with high-quality foods and plenty of variety. French bulldogs can be subject to allergies and thus care must be vital in providing high-value nutritious meals.

Monitoring their reactions will undoubtedly show which food is best for them and which should not be in their diet. What Frenchie eat can be directly related to certain aspects of their health and the finest food can help with that. 

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