Introducing The Best Food For American Bulldog Puppy

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American bulldogs are a very popular breed and choosing the best food for American bulldog puppies is an important step in their development. With a history of fighting dogs, bulldogs grow up having very muscular bodies, and that will reflect in their diet. 

Moreover, young puppies require some special attention, in the beginning, to assure the best possible nutrients for their overall growth. As a pet parent, there are certain factors to consider when choosing the best dog food for English bulldog puppies. American bulldogs puppy diet, or puppy diet in general, should meet nourishment requirements with their needs in mind. 

What Are The Dietary Needs Of An American Bulldog? 

When it comes to feeding a dog, not just any food will do, definitely not what we eat anyway. A dog’s digestive tract is not the same as that of humans, and so they require different nutrients. Special food catered to dogs is the best way to go, and for puppies even more so. 

Puppies tend to eat a lot more and they do indeed need more food. As they are bundles of energy in the process of growing and developing food is an important part of the process. Not just as fuel but also to aid in forming healthy habits and assuring proper bone development and strong immune systems.

Best Food For American Bulldog Puppy – Wet Or Dry Food?

Feeding a young puppy usually starts with wet food, the better to substitute mother’s milk. Texture-wise, wet dog food with gravy makes for an enjoyable meal for young puppies. That being said, it’s also important to start introducing solid food to a puppy, to accustom them to it. 

Dry food is the most widespread type of food used by most dog owners. It’s the most available form in which it comes in and has a lot of variety. As opposed to wet food, dry food is necessary to assure better digestion overall. Wet dog food has a higher percentage of water and thus affects their stool and digestion. 

Wet food typically comes in either gel gravy-covered stew or a mix of both. When it comes to dry dog food, it’s important to bear in mind the size and shape the kibbe comes in. Young puppies have small mouths and can be eager eaters, so it’s vital that the kibble suits them. 

There is special puppy food size dry food kibble, that comes in various shapes like triangles, rounded, or pellets. Different flavors for each pellet bring variations on texturing and flavors to keep picky eaters interested in food. 

Best Food For American Bulldog Puppy – Raw Food

Dogs are descended from wolves and as such their diet still has certain prey-based inclinations. Many dog parents have adopted their own versions of the American bulldogs’ puppy diet with raw food. 

Raw dog food generally consists of ground and raw meat, bones, vegetables, and fruit, all frozen for conservation purposes. As raw food is conveniently prepared like this, it takes away the idea of it being a crude type of dog food. With raw food, many cite the need to delve into the original food available to wild wolves for their dogs. 

The reasoning for opting to use raw food usually comes in the form of the natural qualities it provides. Natural fat is good for maintaining a healthy dog coat and skin as well as supplementing natural nutrients. This is a preference many dog owners implement and as such they can pick and choose which raw food material to feed their dogs. 

In the process of seeking the best food for American bulldog puppies, raw food alternatives are not the norm. There isn’t a unanimous agreement between veterinary professionals as to the use of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or BARF for short. 

This is furthered by the fact that certain foods like chicken can spark allergies in bulldogs. Adjustments and slight diet alterations to accommodate the American bulldog’s puppy diet is oftentimes a must.

American Bulldogs Puppy Diet Nutritious Requirements

To fuel a puppy’s energy reserves and contribute to development, they need food rich in protein. Food that contains grain with a percentage of around 28 to 30 of protein provides the daily needed intake. 

Fat is also an important component to supply in a puppy’s diet, especially when they’re growing. As a puppy grows, however, and for bulldogs, in particular, high amounts of fat can contribute severely to weight gain. 

Fibers and carbohydrates help the digestive process and deliver energy to a growing puppy. Sugars from carbohydrates promote brain development and assure proper functionality. 

Probiotic components are also highly useful for a puppy’s path to adulthood. Probiotics promote the growth of useful bacteria in the dog’s stomach that help with overall digestion. Other times probiotics are even prescribed by vets when digestive problems like diarrhea arise. 

Deciding Portions For American Bulldog Puppy Food

Ordinarily, a puppy eats a lot more than an adult dog, and portioning their food accordingly is key. Up until 3 or 4 months old a bulldog puppy will most likely need one and a half or two cups of food a day. Other than the amount of food needed, how the food is provided is also important. 

Feeding a puppy comes with some training in the process, as the whole amount of food is divided into 3 or even 4 meals a day. Dogs need structure and this provides a routine that the dogs will depend on from youth to adulthood. Food portions will shrink as the puppy reaches adult age. 

american bulldog puppy food american bulldog puppy food


Bulldogs are sometimes considered the foodies of the dog world and creating a balanced diet is essential. Obesity is common among bulldogs so steering away from it with portion control and supervision is invaluable. 

The best food for an American bulldog puppy might not look the same for every individual bulldog. A mix of dry and wet food could be the best fit for some, with a few raw veggie options. It depends on each dog in particular, on their age, weight, and what they need at the moment.

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