Who Is The Biggest English Bulldog In The World And How Much Does He Weigh?

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When choosing a family pet size shouldn’t really be a priority. Yet, it’s fun to wonder who is the biggest English bulldog in the world and how much does he weigh? This can be a surprisingly difficult question, especially depending on whether you mean just English bulldogs or bulldogs in general. Additionally, there is actually a lot of contradictory info out there on which dog is largest, how large, and so on.

So, do we even know who is the biggest English bulldog in the world? How big should you expect your English bulldog to get? What about other bulldogs? Let’s discuss.

Who Is The Biggest English Bulldog In The World?

Unfortunately, try as we might, we didn’t find very conclusive information on who is the biggest English bulldog. There are a lot of people online claiming to have the largest English bulldog such as this 95-pound (43 kg) fella or other owners insisting that their dogs are heavier than 100 pounds (45 kg).

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It’s not really doubtful that some English bulldogs can reach such sizes. Even if they are not overweight, some English bulldogs are just taller than the average which can give them a lot of extra weight.

But who exactly is the biggest English bulldog in the world? We couldn’t find any concrete information. But, suffice it to say, anything below 100 pounds or 45 kg almost certainly isn’t a contender for the title.

What Is The Typical English Bulldog Weight?

The standard male English bulldog weighs up to 51 to 55 lbs (23 to 25 kg) and is about 14 to 16 inches tall (35.5 to 40.5). For females, the average is 40 to 44 pounds (18 to 20 kg) and 12 to 14 inches (30.5 to 35.5 cm). These figures are usually reached around the 1-year birthday.

If your bulldog’s height falls within the average but the dog is heavier than normal – you have an overweight dog. However, if your dog is taller than 16 inches or 40 cm, you can expect it to be heavier than average too.

Who Are The Biggest Bulldogs In The World?

English bulldogs are neither the only nor the biggest bulldogs in the world. So, if we take a look at other bulldog breeds, we can find quite a few other extra-large dogs. Here are the 11 most recognizable types of bulldogs you may have heard of and how much they weigh on average:

  1. Bullmastiff – a cross between Olde English bulldogs and mastiffs, the bullmastiff can weigh up to 130 pounds or 60 kg on average. This is officially the biggest of all bulldog breeds.

Biggest Bulldogs

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  1. American bulldog – another offshoot of the original Olde English bulldog, American bulldogs were purposefully bred for size and power for a long time. Today, their upper-range average is 120 pounds (55 kg).
  2. Bulldogue Campeiro – this Brazilian bulldog reaches the impressive 99 pounds (45 kg) on average. A great farm work animal, the Campeiro also makes for a loyal, gentle, and mild-mannered family pet.
  3. Ca de Bou – coming from the Spanish island of Majorca, this fourth largest bulldog is the Ca de Bou. The average weight of these dogs goes up to 84 pounds or 38 kg.
  4. Olde English Bulldogge – the breed that started it all. The Olde English bulldog reaches 80 pounds or 36.3 kg on average. All other bulldog breeds come from this British cattle-herder.
  5. Valley bulldog – the lesser-known Canadian bulldog is just as large as its Olde English ancestor. It goes up to 80 (36 kg) on average and it’s a mix of bulldogs and boxers.
  6. Australian bulldog – this dog looks very much like the Olde original and is just a tiny bit smaller on average – 78 pounds or 35.3 kg. This is a new breed too, developed in the 1990s to be as healthy and mild-mannered as possible.
  7. Continental bulldog – bred in Switzerland, the Continental bully grows up to 66 pounds or 30 kg on average. The Conti is a healthier and more athletic alternative to the English bulldog.
  8. Pitbull – often unrecognized as an official bulldog breed or even just as a uniform breed, pitbulls can vary a lot in size and appearance. While the massive hulk reached 174 pounds, the average pitbull is typically 60 pounds at most (27 kg).
  9. English bulldog – the popular contemporary English bulldog is the second smallest of all bulldog breed – up to 50 pounds or 23 kg max on average.
  10. French bulldog – the smallest official bulldog breed today, the Frenchie is nowhere near any other bulldog breed. The standard Frenchie goes up to 28 pounds or 13 kg.

Who Is The Biggest Non-English Bulldog In The World?

The biggest bulldog ever is believed to be the pitbull Hulk. This massive dog reached the stunning 174 pounds (79 kg) around his 18th month in 2015. This is almost three times bigger than the upper end of the breed’s average weight. Hulk wasn’t particularly “fat” either – he was just that big.

As for why and how Hulk even came to be, that’s the subject of quite a bit of controversy. Hulk’s breeders have been widely criticized for their improper breeding practices as they seem to prioritize size and aggression over adequate health and temperament standards.

Many of their other dogs are also unnaturally large and they advertise them by frequently showcasing their aggressive tendencies – something that plays into a lot of pitbull stereotypes and continues to bring a bad name to that subset of bulldogs. Hulk’s breeders even offered his “impregnation services” for the lucrative price of $20,000.

Would You Even Want Your Pooch To Be Extra Large?

When it comes to choosing an English bulldog, a different bulldog breed, or a pet dog in general, prioritizing abnormal size is very ill-advised. While it’s intuitively cool to have an extra-large dog, the healthiest pups are those who fall within their breed’s parameters. Furthermore, personality and temperament should always be the main priority (together with health) when it comes to family pets.

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