Remarkable Blue Nose Bulldogs Features

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Dog breeds have color variations and blue nose bulldogs are one such variation that seems to have captured the preference of many breed enthusiasts. These dogs have noses that present with a grey color or may even have greyish fur on the nose.

The name, itself, can be a little deceiving. When referring to a blue nose bulldog, it usually implies an American pitbull. A bulldog and a pitbull, while having some common ancestry are not the same breed. Looking into these two breeds it’s easy to spot differences, as even physical ones are evident. 

Differences Between Bulldog And Pitbull 

Color matters little when trying to distinguish between two breeds of dogs. It’s important to know at least some base differences before jumping to get one or the other. Deciding which one is best fitted will require looking at both and gleaming their distinctive features. 

Maybe the easiest difference to spot is the height. American pitbull terriers have a taller build than regular bulldogs. Both have fairly muscular bodies but a bulldog will be stockier than the more lean American pitbull, which appears athletic. 

They can even diverge on personality traits. Although both will display that typical bull confidence, the terrier part in a pitbull will also make certain appearances. Lastly, Pitbulls will also have less prominent wrinkles on their face, and almost none on their bodies.

Bluenose Bulldogs Features

blue nose bulldogs

First setting out to get a pitbull, the question of how do I know if my dog is a blue nose pitbull may arise. There are the regular pitbull features to look out for, but other aspects also come into play.

Wandering what is a blue nose bully, we can highlight its most distinguishing characteristic, which is its coloration. This is another part where the name does not encompass the eternity of the physical traits. Blue nose bulldogs don’t imply just a unique color of the nose, but eyes, toenails, and skin. 

Such an unusual blue-grey color is the result of inbreeding two parents with recessive genes that creates this color variation. This is something that is done deliberately as it’s quite difficult for it to happen naturally. 

What these recessive genes do is that they cause a reduction in the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is responsible for determining the color of the skin, eyes, and hair, in humans and in dogs as well. 

As for wondering can a blue nose pitbull be white, a separate coloration with white is a rarer color. This usually comes with distinctive blue eyes, but the white coat is not affected. 

The Novelty Of Blue Nose Bulldogs

Many dog owners wish to have a pet with distinctive markings or unusual colors. Looking for a pitbull, one may consider the question: are blue nose pit bulls rare? Finding blue nose bulldogs is indeed very rare. It’s not common for two dogs with the recessive gene for this color to cross paths naturally. 

So wanting a pitbull with these traits would require seeking breeders that deal in these types of breeding practices. Many pitbull enthusiasts might even see this blues color trait as a designer feature. Even so, blue nose bulldogs or pitbulls are not a separate breed and it’s not recognized by the AKC. 

The Price Of Blue Nose Bulldogs

Generally, a pitbull is on the pricey side when it comes to money. But the price of a blue nose bulldog is about more than just money. Since to obtain the unique feature of the distinctive greyish-blue color inbreeding is required, it also breeds unwanted traits. 

The gene pool is rather limited for blue nose bulldogs and inbreeding only contributes to the negative aspects of this practice. Irresponsibly breeding blue nose bulldogs can create several health problems down the line, like heart disease, cancer, immune diseases. 

Blue nose bulldogs can even be susceptible to dysfunction of their nervous system that includes deafness, alopecia, and poor eyesight. This also comes to the detriment of their temperament. Instead of focusing on selecting good behavior, coat color gets a front seat. 

Caring For That Beautiful Coat

Having gotten a blue nose bulldog precisely for their coat color, some care must be put into it. These little bundles of energy will very likely love to go running around outdoors, and that will mean getting dirty. 

Bathing is not something easily recommended for dogs so that their natural oils don’t get removed in the process. But regular mud baths during walks will make that inevitable. Even with quite thick coats, it’s not the best at regulating body temperature, so they must be kept indoors. 


re blue nose pit bulls rare

Blue nose bulldogs are a rare sight and could have been bred specifically for the unusual coloration. As much as it can be possible, keeping in mind to find responsible breeders is important. Even for inbred features such as these, there can be some semblance of responsibility, at least for the temperament side. 

Pitbulls have had a bad reputation for a while, but much of their aggressive features have been removed through breeding. As beautiful as the blue nose bulldogs are, they still require a level of responsibility from us.


What is a blue nose bully?

A blue nose bulldog is a pitbull that has a recessive gene that alters its physical appearance. The gene reduces the production of melanin which is responsible for skin, eyes, and fur pigmentation. Less melanin produces a greyish-blue coat color and blue eyes.

Are blue nose pit bulls rare?

Blue nose pitbulls are quite rare, mainly because it’s unlikely that two parents with the same recessive will meet and breed naturally.

How do I know if my dog is a blue nose pitbull?

Maybe the easiest way to know if you have a blue nose pitbull is if you can see the parents. If that is not possible then observing their physical features might indicate if it’s a blue nose pitbull. These features include greyish-blue skin or fur, and blue eyes.

Can a blue nose pitbull be white?

Sometimes pitbulls with white coats will have blue eyes, and this can lead one to think that blue nose bulldogs come in white. This usually doesn’t make them white blue nose bulldogs, but to make sure, a test can be taken to see if they display the recessive gene.

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