Bull Mastiff English Bulldog Mix – Double The Bull, Double The Fun

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There’s one thing above all else you shouldn’t know about the bull mastiff English bulldog mix – double the bull, double the fun! This wonderful cross between an English bulldog and a bullmastiff is intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. And, it should go without saying – these are really strong and powerful working dogs if you want to use them as such.

At the same time, like any other crossbreed, the bull mastiff English bulldog mix can have some quite varying characteristics such as size and health. A part of that is based on luck but it’s also important how you choose your pup. Let’s go over a bit more details below.

Physical Characteristics Of The Bull Mastiff English Bulldog Mix

This crossbreed will always have a pretty wide head with the signature small mastiff nose. Their shoulders will also be broad as both parent breeds have that feature.

In terms of the exact size, it can be difficult to cite concrete parameters. English bulldogs tend to be in the 40 to 55 lbs range (18 to 25 kg) but bullmastiffs can be as large as 130 lbs (60 kg). So, their offspring will always fall somewhere between that but where exactly will depend from pup to pup. In other words, you’d better be ready for a big dog.

 bull dog mastiff puppy mix

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Height-wise the difference between the two parent breeds is also about 1:2. English bulldogs usually grow up to 14 or 16 inches at the shoulder (35.5 to 40.5 cm). Bullmastiffs, on the other hand, can get as tall as 25 to 27 inches (63.5 to 68.5 cm).

The coat of the bull mastiff English bulldog mix will always be short and dense, however, so that’s consistent. The shedding should also be minimal which makes this breed excellent for people who don’t want to have to vacuum their home every other day.

As for the coat’s colors, these can vary a lot, as is the case with the two parent breeds. You can expect your bullmastiff bulldog pup to come in any combination of the following colors – fawn, black, white, red, brown, and brindle.

The Temperament Of The Bull Dog Mastiff Mix

This is a very loyal and hardworking dog – it takes that from both its parents. Like most other working dogs, the bullmastiff bulldog mix is also highly intelligent as it was bred to be smart enough to perform various tasks. At the same time, this crossbreed does have a tendency to be a bit stubborn – it takes that from both its parents too. This can make training a bit difficult but not impossible – you just need to know what you’re doing.

For a family pet, this means several things. First, you’ll need to do proper obedience training early on. This breed is smart enough to learn virtually anything you want it to – you just have to make sure the dog respects your authority. This absolutely does not mean using negative reinforcement in training, of course. These dogs respond best to a firm but positive approach.

As for families with kids or other dogs – the bull mastiff English bulldog mix can get along well with other dogs when socialized well. With kids, this dog is neither too bad nor too good. They are generally too large for toddlers but when trained well can be perfectly safe for any child.

Energy Levels Of The Bullmastiff Bull Dog Mix

This breed will typically have moderate exercise needs. English bulldogs have relatively low endurance but are energetic in short bursts. Bullmastiffs, on the other hand, can either be highly energetic or can have moderate needs too.

So, the crossbreed of the two will usually need about an hour or a bit more of daily outdoor exercise. Because they have short snouts, however, as they are a brachycephalic breed, these dogs can easily get exhausted.

In short, the bull mastiff English bulldog mix can make for an excellent walking buddy but a bad running companion. Do keep in mind that if you want to give your bull mastiff English bulldog mix some yard time, it should always be in a fenced yard. These dogs are good jumpers and great escape artists!

How Healthy Is The Bull Mastiff English Bulldog Mix?

Unfortunately, this cross can be prone to certain negative genetic predispositions. Add its Brachycephalic syndrome, and you’ll need to be careful with this breed’s health. Some issues to watch out for include:

To avoid most or all of those you should always make sure to get your pup from a reputable breeder. This means avoiding pet stores and puppy mills. Instead, always look for a breeder who is ready to offer you a health certificate for the pup as well as for its parents. This will guarantee the health and genetics of the dog as much as possible.

After that, it’s all a matter of proper care. Good food, regular but measured exercise, and routine vet visits should make sure that your dog grows up healthy, happy, and lives a long life.

Pros and Cons Of The English Bulldog Mastiff Mix


  • Strong and loyal breed
  • Smart and affectionate dog
  • Moderate exercise needs
  • Very low shedding


  • Can be prone to certain health problems
  • The inherent stubbornness of these dogs can make them difficult to train.
  • Like bullmastiffs, this crossbreed is an excellent escape artist

Should You Get A Bull Mastiff English Bulldog Mix?

All in all, this crossbreed can be an excellent choice for many families. It gets along with other dogs, as long as you socialize them well, and they can be good with kids too. They have moderate exercise needs and size-wise they are typically in the midrange category.

Obedience training can be a problem as these dogs are a bit stubborn so an experienced hand is often needed. That, plus the occasional health problem is most of what you’ll need to watch out for.

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