How Long Is A Bulldog Gestation Period?

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Are you interested in breeding from your Bulldog? Or maybe want to find out how long a Bulldog is pregnant for? Let’s find out everything we need to know about the Bulldog gestation period to get you started!

Breeding Bulldogs can be a difficult and complicated process. For this reason, most Bulldogs are bred by experienced dog breeders. But you might be tempted to breed Bulldogs of your own – if so, you need to know all about the Bulldog gestation period before you start!

What Is A Bulldog Gestation Period?

The term gestation period means the length of time an animal is pregnant for. So, this is the period from conception to birth. The gestation periods of all species of animals are different, and generally speaking larger animals – such as humans – will have longer gestation periods.

However, although dogs come in many different sizes, they all have the same length of gestation period. In dogs, this is normally 63 days – so around 2 months, or 9 weeks.

But what about Bulldogs – is their gestation period the same as other breeds of dog?

How Long Are Bulldogs Pregnant?

Bulldogs have a gestation period of 63 days, which is the same as the average dog pregnancy length. The gestation period starts as soon as the fertilized embryos have embedded themselves in the lining of the uterus. It ends at the point at which the puppies are born.

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The gestation period is split into three trimesters. Each trimester is three weeks or 21 days,

Bulldogs Pregnancy – Is It Risky?

As with any dog owner, we are sure that you would not want to do anything which may put your Bulldog at risk. So, as cute as a litter of puppies from your gorgeous Bulldog might sound, it is vital to understand the risks first.

Unfortunately, Bulldogs can be very difficult to breed from. Many Bulldogs will be unable to mate in the normal way, so artificial insemination is required for the bitch to become pregnant. Artificial insemination is a fairly low-risk procedure, but there is a chance that diseases can be passed on if the necessary pre-breeding checks are not done.

Like most other breeds of dogs, the actual gestation period in Bulldogs is relatively low-risk. You will need to make sure that your breeding bitch is fed the correct diet at each stage of her pregnancy. Her exercise levels will also need to be gradually decreased, particularly as she gets close to the end of her gestation period.

However, when it comes to the birth itself, things get very complicated and risky. A huge number of Bulldog pregnancies end in a cesarian section. This invasive procedure is painful and debilitating for the bitch, and it will take her a long time to fully recover.

During this time, she will struggle to nurse and rear her puppies. As her owner, be prepared to step in and help her out, otherwise the puppies may not survive the first few weeks of life. Other problems can occur after birth, including mastitis, metritis, and eclampsia.

Dog Pregnancy Week By Week Guide

If this is the first time you have bred from your Bulldog, you need to know what to expect during each week of pregnancy. Those two months will fly by, so pay close attention to how she behaves at each stage!

  • Weeks 1 to 3 (First Trimester)

During these first few weeks, there will be very few outward signs that your Bulldog bitch is pregnant. You may notice that her behavior changes slightly, but apart from this, there will be very little to see.

It is advisable to feed and exercise your Bulldog as you were before she was pregnant. She does not have any additional nutritional needs at this stage. Exercise will help to keep her fit and healthy, in preparation for late gestation, whelping, and puppy care.

  • Weeks 4 to 6 (Second Trimester)

During this trimester your Bulldog will pass through the halfway point of her gestation period. Early in the second trimester, you may not yet see any external signs that she is pregnant. However, by the end of the second trimester, you should be able to see some weight gain, particularly around her waist.

You may also notice that the nipples become larger towards the end of the second trimester. As the dog moves from the second to the third trimester, it is time to start increasing your dog’s food intake. By week 6, she should be eating twice as much as normal.

  • Weeks 7 to 9 (Third Trimester)

By now, your Bulldog should be looking very obviously pregnant! Her waistline will have expanded considerably, and you might be able to see the puppies moving.

During the third trimester, your bitch will have a large appetite. She may appear to be hungry all the time, but also become picky about her food. Feed a high-quality diet in small amounts throughout the day to keep her fit and healthy.

In these final weeks, you need to start preparing for the birth. Think about where the puppies are going to live after they are born. Make a cozy bed in the puppy den for the bitch to sleep in, so she has a chance to get used to it before the birth.

During the whole gestation period, you should take your dog to the veterinary clinic for regular health checks. As she nears the end of her pregnancy, they will be able to advise you on whether an elective cesarian or natural birth is the safest option for your dog to have her puppies.


So, as we have learned, the Bulldog gestation period is 63 days from conception to birth. This is the same length as other breeds of dogs. It is important to know the conception date of your Bulldog’s pregnancy to help you calculate when she is due to give birth.

We would love to hear about your experiences with Bulldog pregnancy – have you ever bred a litter from your Bulldog? Maybe you are thinking of breeding from your Bulldog but have a few questions you’d like us to answer? Add a comment below this post and we’ll get back to you!

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