Quick Tips To Treating Bulldog Skin Fold Infection

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A bulldog’s wrinkles are one of their most endearing features although health issues can arise from them such as bulldog skin fold infection. There’s no denying that the folds make their faces quite cute and with a friendly demeanor bulldogs are very popular.

These deep wrinkles were specifically bred into the bulldogs, some believe were to drive blood out of their eyes. As bull-baiting was outlawed, the feature still remains, albeit not for the same use, but as a physical feature. 

Where Can Bulldog Skin Fold Infection Develop?

A bulldog has skin folds in more places than just their faces and all these folds are at risk of infection. Face wrinkles are the most commonplace, but there are even tail folds that can even have a pocket. Also, folds can form around the armpits and the paws. All these areas could develop a skin condition. 

What Causes Bulldog Skin Fold Infection? 

The reason why these skin creases are at risk of developing infections is that they get warm and moist. This sort of environment is perfect for bacteria and yeast to grow. These organisms can be found on other parts of the body, but it’s in the folds that they can grow. 

Too much bacterial and yeast growth will affect the skin, cause discomfort and lead to bulldog skin fold infection. Every bulldog owner needs to know that caring for these wrinkles and folds is an important grooming practice. 

Common Bulldog Skin Fold Infection Symptoms 

Redness or bulldog dermatitis is one of the most obvious symptoms to develop. Soon after comes dry and flaky skin, which is easy to spot within the folds. Regularly checking these areas will sound the alarm for any potential infections developing. 

The dog will find this uncomfortable and start scratching or rubbing their faces. In some cases, they can even start rubbing against the furniture or carpet. If they do this repeatedly, you will know something is bothering them. 

Common Bulldog Skin Fold Infection Symptoms 

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Lastly, infections can come with bad smells, particularly in the case of skin folds infections. This is primarily due to the enclosed space between the wrinkles that yeast can form. However, lip fold dermatitis dogs develop near the mouth, so make sure it’s not their breath that smells. 

Types Of Bulldog Skin Fold Infection

Infected bulldog wrinkles can come in a variety of forms and conditions. A very common type of infection is called skin fold pyoderma. This infection is due to bacterial growth and causes redness, lesions, hair loss, and even bumps with pus if untreated. 

Another type of infection that can develop inside folds is a staph infection. It has similar symptoms as pyoderma, but it can also lead to throat, eyes, and respiratory infection. The bad part of these complications is that they are hard to treat and may need medication or medical intervention. 

Yeast infection, most often caused by the Malassezia yeast, is another type of infection to develop. It leads to itchiness, redness or dermatitis, and inflammation, which ultimately causes great discomfort. 

The tail fold is an area that can be hard to clean and thus be predisposed to develop dermatitis. It only complicates the issue if fecal matter contributes to bacteria development.

Treatment For Bulldog Skin Fold Infection

Skin infections treatments usually involve antimicrobial products or products that reduce inflammation and microbial infection. Most treatments for bulldog skin fold infection start with cleaning the area using either wet wipes or a damp cloth. In some cases antimicrobial wipes or soap are useful. 

These products can be highly efficient at removing yeast, bacteria, and are usually antifungal as well. Once the skin is cleaned topical treatment can begin. Antibiotic or antifungal ointments are the best option in many infectious cases. 

There can be examples of more severe infections that may not respond well to topical treatment. In these cases, surgical treatments might be a method to remove certain deep facial folds to halt any further infections. 

Bulldog Skin Fold Infection – Prevention 

Sometimes the best thing to do when dealing with bulldog skin fold infection is to try preventing it from developing. Usually keeping the folds clean is the best way of preventing infections in the future.

It’s a good idea to implement a fold-cleaning routine within the regular grooming routine of your bulldog. Even when early signs of infection settle in, the right method of cleaning them can stop it from spreading any further. 

Bulldog Skin Fold Infection Care Routine

First of all, cleaning the affected area is the most crucial part, to begin with. Antibacterial wet wipes or soap are commonly used to clean the skin with dermatitis. The area needs a thorough cleaning and if it’s the first time trying it can take some time, so go gently. 

Drying out the clean area comes next, as any moisture caught in between the wrinkles would contribute to further irritation. Use a clean dry cloth to dry the wrinkles gently. 

After all this, a balm would be necessary to treat the skin. Applying a balm on the folds is essential to prevent irritation and infection further down the line. It’s a delicate balance to achieve, as too much moisture and too much dryness both cause irritation. That’s why a balm comes to protect their wrinkles by creating a barrier preventing friction and irritation. 

Once the folds are clean keeping an eye on them will ensure any other infections are caught in time. The next few days after the cleaning routine, reapply the balm to maintain the protective waterproof layer. 


Keeping a bulldog’s wrinkles and folds clean and treated with balm is the home remedy to prevent inflammation and infection. Even if the most extreme cases could require medical intervention, treating and caring for dermatitis is possible. 

It’s not an easy task caring for a bulldog’s wrinkles especially if they are not used to being handled. Following a regular cleaning habit would not only keep their fold free of infection but will also get them used to the cleaning process. In time this becomes easier and helps maintain their skin healthy. 

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