How Much Does A Bulldog Soft Palate Surgery Cost?

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Soft palate surgery for Bulldogs is a common procedure with many interested owners asking how much does a bulldog soft palate surgery cost? This procedure can prolong the life of your Bulldog and improve their breathing. This is why many owners opt to take it, but the price is always a reasonable worry. However, it may surprise you just how cheap it is!

How Much Does A Bulldog Soft Palate Surgery Cost?

Elongated soft palate surgery cost and soft palate surgery cost are very common worries regarding this problem! There’s no universal answer to this question, as many different vet practices have different prices for this procedure. However, most practices in the USA keep the price in the 500 to 700 dollar range.

Many owners wonder does pet insurance cover soft palate surgery costs. There are many options regarding pet insurance with insurance companies, so it’s possible to receive some, if not complete compensation for the procedure, but that largely depends on your insurance policy. It’s very important to point out that prices differ because of various things; scheduling, location, the difficulty of surgery, etc. This is why there is no single set price! For example, one practice may charge 600 dollars in Colorado, with a practice in New York charging 800 dollars.

Why Is This Surgery Even Needed?

Before we even delve into the idea of performing any procedure on a dog, it’s important to define exactly what’s wrong. Some problems can be solved in less invasive ways. Is there even a need for surgery with Bulldogs?

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Bulldog Respiratory Issues

If you own a Bulldog, then you’re surely aware that these dogs have trouble breathing. American Bulldogs have it somewhat easier, with their heads and snouts being longer. Their French and English cousins, however, have a lot of trouble breathing and keeping their heads up. The reason for this is their short head and snout. These problems affect many elements of their everyday life: their breathing, meaning that they can easily develop hardness breathing, their swimming – most Bulldogs can’t swim, etc.

This is especially common with Pugs, for example, whose breathing is often louder than human breathing! These breeds get winded up easily, limiting their physical abilities!

The cause for all this is brachycephaly. Brachycephalic dogs have multiple problems with their anatomy. Their windpipes are small and narrow, their nostrils are mostly closed up, they have so much surplus tissue in their airways that it’s actually clogging them. With time, this has caused problems with other parts of their bodies, not only the respiratory system!

Many Bulldogs grow short limbs with anatomically unhealthy joints, they develop spinal abnormalities, while they’re also genetically predisposed to become obese. Lastly, they can develop skin allergies – this is a huge problem with Bulldogs because of the wrinkles on their face!

There are a lot of other issues, mandatory C-sections, for example, but the point is clear – the anatomically unhealthy respiratory system is very damaging for Bulldogs.

Therapy For Respiratory Issues

Out of all Bulldogs, the American Bulldog is the healthiest of the bunch. Admittedly, they’re brachycephalic to a certain degree, but it’s incomparable to English Bulldogs. These dogs develop severe issues with their breathing early on and it’s almost impossible for them to improve their life quality without surgery.

There are things you can do to make life easier on your dog if you don’t want to undergo surgery. Using an air filter and your AC to keep optimal air circulation and temperature in your home, for one, is a common piece of advice among Bulldog owners. It’s also important to keep your home very clean in order to minimize allergies and dust. Then, there’s the daily cleaning, testing for allergies and treating said allergies, managing your dog’s arthritis, removing excess skin, etc.

However, you can avoid all of these problems with soft palate surgery. There’s nobody who knows more about this than veterinarians, and many vets claim that this procedure should become obligatory for all bulldog species. It’s somewhat irresponsible for an owner to disregard their dog’s health and well-being!

Should My Dog Undergo Soft Palate Surgery?

Once again, there is no universal answer to this question. Every single dog in the world is unique, and it’s best to take your pup to the vet and let them gauge whether your dog is a good candidate for soft palate surgery.

There are, however, certain symptoms that can definitely suggest that your dog could profit from undergoing this procedure!

Firstly, there’s the loud breathing. If you have a Bulldog and you hear your dog breathing loudly and/or with a rasp, that means that the brachycephaly has started affecting your dog’s respiratory system! This is usually one of the first symptoms of brachycephaly.

Then, there’s the lack of energy and physical abilities. Your dog will start to get tired during exercise very easily, and the same applies to high temperatures. Brachycephalic Bulldogs start developing fatigue during the summer very easily! Their bodies can’t tolerate heat because they can’t cool down properly.

This inactivity will lead to them gaining weight. The reason for this isn’t the brachycephaly directly, but the lack of exercise because of the dysfunctional respiratory system.

It’s also possible for your dog to start vomiting on a regular basis and develop some other digestive problems. Heart failure, however scary, is also a symptom.

Another common symptom is sleep apnea! Your dog could be taking a nap and start to suffocate in its sleep because of this.

If you notice some or all of these symptoms happening to your dog, then you should definitely take your dog to the vet. Nobody can guarantee that your dog should get the surgery based on these symptoms, but your vet will take a very close look and do some tests before coming up with a definitive answer.


In summation, soft palate surgery is a common procedure when it comes to dogs. It can cost anything from 500 to 700 dollars, with prices being different from practice to practice! This procedure is a life-saver, according to vets, as it will prolong your dog’s life and increase the quality of life. Bulldogs are very susceptible to respiratory issues because of their anatomy. These issues can often branch out on other symptoms like painful and complicated birth, spinal problems, orthopedic problems with their limbs and joints, etc. It’s best to consult your vet about the surgery, as it really could save your dog’s life.

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