How To Deal With Bulldog Wrinkle Infection?

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Bulldog owners are aware that these dogs easily develop skin infections, which is why many owners wonder how to deal with Bulldog wrinkle infection. Unfortunately, this is something that you’ll likely have to spend time on with your dog, and in today’s article, we’ll be learning how do these infections occur, why do they happen and what to do about them!

Bulldogs Have Sensitive Skin

This is something that many owners don’t learn until they actually get their first Bulldog, but these pups have very sensitive skin. They’re more prone to skin infections and skin illnesses than some other dog breeds, which is why vets suggest that you take good care of your dog’s skin.

Bulldogs need you to wash them with specific shampoos at least once every two months and to wash their wrinkles at least once a week with wet wipes. These pups are much more likely to develop infections and lesions in two spots – the wrinkles on their face and their butts, right under the tail.

These are the two areas you should take special care of. The space between the wrinkles is a safe haven for bacteria – it’s warm and just moist enough for bacteria to develop well. Not to mention that it’s very possible for food residue to get stuck and start rotting away, which is only going to accelerate the rate at which bacteria develop.

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bulldog wrinkle infection

Most Common Infections

Yeast infections are incredibly common among skin infections, as the same conditions that benefit the bacteria apply to yeast infections. A yeast infection will cause itchiness, discomfort, and redness. The good thing is that you’ll definitely be able to spot it and take care of it quickly.

Bacterial infections of the skin are just as common as yeast infections, and one of the most common ones is the pyoderma. This infection manifests through all the same symptoms as yeast infections, but it can also cause the loss of hair and pimples.

There are also literally millions of bacteria that can cause infections, some of the more serious, others less serious, but they all usually share the same symptoms; redness, itchiness, the dog will be sensitive to the touching of the affected area, there can also be pimples and an unpleasant odor.

In the most extreme cases, a dog will bite and scratch its own skin to blood just to treat that itch, but this symptom is rarer.

Treating Bulldog Wrinkle Infection

There are no home remedies for Bulldog wrinkle infections, so the best thing you can do as soon as you realize that your dog is experiencing issues with this is to take them to the vet. The most likely scenario is that your vet will prescribe a balm (which is usually no everyday balm) for you to apply every day.

These medicines are usually very effective and your dog will feel instant relief from the itchiness, while the infection itself will pass very quickly.

If you’re wondering whether you can take care of infections in the long term, you, unfortunately, can’t. Bulldogs have sensitive skin by nature. Of course, some individual dogs are less sensitive, while there are also extremely sensitive dogs. In either case, there’s no way to stop Bulldogs from developing infections completely, but there are things to do to prevent infections.

Some Bulldogs develop infections so often, even if the owner is taking good care of their wrinkles and folds, that the vet will suggest cosmetic surgery. During the surgery, the vet will remove all the excess skin and minimize the chances of your dog developing skin infections again.

Preventing Bulldog Wrinkle Infection

The best way to prevent your Bulldog from developing an infection is by washing them regularly. The frequency itself depends from dog to dog, but most Bulldogs need a bath at least once every two weeks – but once a week would be best. You should also spend a lot of time cleaning your dog’s wrinkles and folds with wet wipes.

You should increase the frequency at which you wash your dog after physical activities or during the summer. You probably already know that Bulldogs aren’t big on exercise, and taking them for walks in the dirt and dust will only help bacteria breed and spread faster.

The same applies to the summer – Bulldogs have a lot of trouble dealing with high temperatures because they can’t cool down properly. During this season, bacteria can get all over them even more easily since their temperature is higher.

You also have to clean the wrinkles around their butt, because they’re going to get infected too if you don’t take care of them. There are many creams and shampoos you can use for this purpose, but ask your vet for a recommendation on which to use.

Why do bulldogs need wrinkle cream

To End

Bulldogs can easily develop skin infections because their skin is sensitive by nature. They usually develop infections in their wrinkles, skin folds, and around their butt. These infections usually aren’t dangerous and they can be taken care of in a matter of days.

You should take your dog to the vet and you’ll get a wrinkle cream that can take care of the infection very quickly. You should clean your dog’s skin folds with wet wipes once a week to make sure nothing gets infected. You also need to wash your dog regularly to keep their skin clean and healthy.


How to cure Bulldog wrinkle infection?

Take your dog to the vet and they'll prescribe you a cream that you'll have to apply a few times a day until the infection passes. There's unfortunately nothing you can do to stop infections entirely.

How to clean Bulldog wrinkles?

You should use wet wipes to clean wrinkles and folds, while some owners also add a bit of disinfectant on the wrinkles too. This is the best way to avoid infected Bulldog wrinkles.

Why do Bulldogs need wrinkle cream?

Wrinkle cream is the go-to tool for taking care of bacteria under your Bulldog's wrinkles. These creams are often available as over-the-counter medicines without prescriptions.

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