Difference Between English And French Bulldogs

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All Bulldog breeds are related, but when you’re deciding what dog to get, you might wonder what’s the difference between English and French Bulldogs. These pups, although similar in some ways, have obvious differences, and in today’s article, we’ll be learning what are the physical, behavioral and health differences between English and French Bulldogs.

Differences In Appearance

The most obvious difference is the one in appearance. English Bulldogs are not only heavier, but they’re also bulkier in regard to their own height. The English Bulldog usually doesn’t grow to be taller than 15 inches, while French Bulldogs aren’t taller than 13 inches.

Regarding weight, however, the difference between English and French Bulldogs is much more stark, as the English Bulldog can weigh up to 50 pounds. In comparison, French Bulldogs are much more fit, weighing less than 30 pounds.

Then, we have the obvious differences regarding their faces and their heads. While both breeds are famous for their wrinkles, the English Bulldog usually has more wrinkles. The French Bulldog, however, has bat-like ears that stand up, while the English Bulldog has ears that fold down.

Additionally, the head of the English Bulldog is fairly bulkier in regard to their own bodies and when compared to the head of a French Bulldog.

There isn’t much difference regarding their coat – both breeds have a short, glossy coat, and neither breed is hypoallergenic, despite false claims by some owners.

Differences In Behavior

Are English bulldogs healthier than French bulldogs

There’s a smaller contrast when it comes to behavioral differences between English and French Bulldogs. Both Bulldogs are great family pets and they get along with new people just fine. When it comes to training, neither dog is particularly good at it. Both breeds are often stubborn and difficult to train.

They’re also both laid back – preferring to just lay around with their owners on the couch, instead of going on a hike through the woods.

The most prominent difference is that French Bulldogs need more time to accept new family members – be it people or dogs. English Bulldogs will get along with everyone just fine, but French Bulldogs will get attached to the first person they meet and they have trouble accepting new people.

This is something that they’ll usually overcome with time, so there’s no reason to worry. There’s also very little need to worry about playing with kids since both of these breeds are very friendly.

Health And Care Differences

Both Bulldogs share the same concerns when it comes to care and health. Your primary concern should be their brachycephalic condition. Because of the shape of their heads, both of these breeds have a lot of trouble breathing. This usually starts when they’re very young and unfortunately, it doesn’t end until they die.

Because of this, some vets argue that breeding these dogs is essentially torture, and there are even countries that have banned these breeds by law as they consider breeding them to be animal abuse.

Because of the unhealthy formation of their respiratory organs, neither of these species can breathe properly. That leads to many problems.

For example, they can’t walk for too much because they heat up very quickly and they can’t cool down, possibly leading to heatstroke. They also can’t cool down during the summer, even if they’re not doing anything, because they don’t breathe properly. Because of this, these dogs aren’t a good choice for any physically active person.

They also have trouble sleeping, as they can start choking in their sleep, while the lack of oxygen can directly lead to early-onset arthritis in these dogs. This happens because they become overweight – their body can’t burn the calories they take in and the excess weight is a big problem for them.

They tend to get obese, which is also very dangerous for their little hearts.

Another prominent issue is their skin sensitivity, and that has nothing to do with their brachycephalic condition. This especially applies to English Bulldogs, as this breed can easily get infections and skin lesions, especially under their wrinkles. Skin conditions are very common with these dogs.

Caring for both of these breeds can become very exhausting, as you have to weigh them often, make sure to adapt their diet every now and again, and you can’t overwork them or keep them in a spot that’s too warm since they’ll overheat. It gets even more complicated when you have to start taking them to the vet every now and again to treat skin infections.

All this might sound horrible, but it’s the unfortunate truth about Bulldogs – these dogs are genetically very unhealthy.

To End

Are French bulldogs smarter than English bulldogs

The most obvious difference between English and French Bulldogs appears in English Bulldog size comparison to the Frenchie. English Bulldogs are taller and much heavier, while French Bulldogs have bat-like ears and usually have fewer wrinkles on their face. The difference between Bulldogs in behavior is more or less non-existent.

Both of these breeds can be hard and stubborn to train, but they’re both good family pets. Unfortunately, both of these breeds are riddled with illnesses and they can be very difficult to care for because of the many health troubles they have to deal with. They have trouble breathing, which leads to obesity, overheating, heart conditions, etc.


Are English Bulldogs healthier than French Bulldogs?

Neither of these two breeds is particularly healthy, and English Bulldogs aren't healthier than French Bulldogs. If anything, English Bulldogs are more obese and have more trouble with skin conditions.

Are French Bulldogs smarter than English Bulldogs?

In terms of training, both of these breeds are difficult to train, with some owners saying that the English Bulldog is a bit easier to get along with. There are no important differences between the intelligence of these two dogs.

What are the differences in appearance?

The most obvious difference is in height and weight, as English Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 pounds for 15 inches of height, while French Bulldogs weigh less than 30 pounds for 13 inches of height. French Bulldogs also have bat-like ears, while English Bulldogs have folded ears.

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