How Much Do English Bulldogs Drool?

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Almost all dogs drool, and if you’re looking to get a Bulldog, you should wonder how much do English Bulldogs drool. Drooling is a completely natural behavior of all dogs, so you shouldn’t worry if your dog drools. Quite the opposite, it would be odd if your dog didn’t drool. In this article, we’ll learn exactly how drooling works and how much do English Bulldogs drool.

Do English Bulldogs Drool A Lot?

To rip this band-aid off quickly – English Bulldogs drool heavily! This breed is very well known for its drooling, and many owners find this difficult to handle. The reason for their drooling, however, is entirely genetic!

If you look it up, you’ll find that the anatomy of a Bulldog (English, French and American) is very messy. These dogs have many inherited flaws that make their lives difficult, and also the lives of their owners. Drooling is another point on that list.

English Bulldogs have low-hanging lips and sagging skin under the chin – both of these are the reason they drool so much. They produce drool more or less just like any other dog. However, because of their anatomy – they let it out much more easily!

Most Bulldogs have an underbite, and this prevents them from closing their mouth completely. Because of this, saliva can easily leave its mouth once it builds up. There is no way the dog can control this, so you shouldn’t even bother looking for a way to teach your dog not to drool.

This is simply something you have to get used to as an owner! This can put a lot of stress on you, as your dog is slobbering all over your house or apartment. If you’re thinking about getting a Bulldog, it’s important that you know this in advance.

Even though you can’t do anything to stop your pup from drooling, there are many triggers to drooling that you can suppress!

What Causes Saliva To Build Up?

There are two main reasons behind your Bulldog drooling! The first one is food, and the second one is overheating.

Scientists nowadays understand that Bulldogs, and most other dogs too, start drooling when they expect food. If there’s a specific time frame when you’ll be feeding your dog, it will start drooling when it’s expecting food.

The same rule applies to the process of eating as well. These dogs aren’t particularly clean with their eating. They’ll just stuff their faces in the food bowl with almost no control, and that will cause their drool to fly all over the place.

Saliva will also leave their mouth once they’ve finished their meal. They also tend to drool when they’re drinking – mixing saliva with water from the bowl. The list doesn’t end there, as they’ll drip water left and right after drinking from the bowl!

Bulldogs also drool if they overheat! However, something that represents a particular problem with Bulldogs is the fact that they overheat very easily! These dogs can’t breathe properly because they’re brachycephalic (simply: their airway doesn’t function properly). Because of this, they overheat very quickly.

Bulldogs don’t need a lot of physical exercises to overheat. Once they overheat, they start producing more and more saliva. Dogs will start to pant to cool down and they’ll also drool. However, when your Bulldogs overheats, the combination of excessive saliva production and their open mouth means that they’ll drool all over the place.

Even though Bulldogs overheat easily, they love going for walks and they need that bit of exercise to stay healthy. Just make sure that your dog is hydrated before you go for that walk!

Helping Your Bulldog With Drool

If you’re looking for a way to stop your Bulldog from drooling, we have only bad news for you. Drooling is completely natural and there’s no way for you to stop your dog from drooling. Bulldogs drool excessively because of their anatomy more than anything else.

However, you can minimize the mess drooling can make around your home if you follow a few simple tips. Firstly, know that Bulldogs drool more when they’re active. Taking your dog out for a walk instead of playing fetch in the house will certainly be beneficial.

Secondly, if you have a yard, have your Bulldog have its meals out there. You don’t have to clean up the drool from the grass! If you don’t have a yard, feed your dog in the same area every time. You can buy rubber flooring and cover that small part of the floor, making it much easier to clean.

Since dogs can produce more saliva when they’re under a lot of stress or if they’re feeling anxiety. It’s also possible for your dog to start drooling more out of excitement (not only food-related excitement). If this is the case, know that they’ll continue to drool until you remove the stress-causing item or person. For example, they can drool more if they react defensively towards another dog or if they’re afraid of it.

bulldog drool

Dogs can feel stress after moving to a new home or if they’re meeting a new family member.

It’s important to understand, however, that it’s impossible to stop the drooling – you can only minimize it and try to somewhat control it.

Health can also be a reason behind excessive drooling. This is, however, difficult for most owners to recognize. Sometimes the reason is something as simple as your dog eating food that’s gone bad. Other times, it can be something more serious. If you’re suspecting that your dog is drooling too much, you should definitely see the vet.

In Conclusion

An English Bulldog and drool are a pair that can’t be separated! These dogs drool excessively because of their anatomy and there’s no way you can stop it. They usually develop saliva in excess if they’re under a lot of stress or anxiety, if they’re overheating because of high temperatures or exercise, or if they’re eating or about to eat.

Even though you can’t stop your Bulldog from drooling, you can certainly minimize it by feeding your dog outside. If you think that your dog is drooling too much, feel free to visit the vet.

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