Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

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Before you buy a dog, it’s important to learn about the dog’s behavior, which is why many dog owners wonder does French Bulldogs bark a lot. This breed is an immensely popular breed with many dog owners, especially with children. However, there can be many reasons why you can’t tolerate barking. Perhaps you live in a building with thin walls or maybe you just have a newborn in your home!

Whatever the reason, let’s find out how much French Bulldogs bark!

Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

There are many dog breeds that are known to be very vocal. French Bulldogs, however, aren’t on that list!

Believe it or not, French Bulldogs aren’t very vocal and they don’t bark a lot!

This makes them great dogs for apartments, as they won’t upset your neighbors. However, there are individual dogs who are vocal. It’s possible that your Frenchie is one of those pups, and if so, you’re naturally interested in teaching your dog to bark less. In order to do that, you first have to learn why is your dog barking that much in the first place. Only then can you teach it to be quiet!

Why Is My Dog Barking?

Luckily, most dogs bark for a very rational reason. Just like all animals, dogs are driven by their primal urges. In that sense, humans are no different. It’s important to get one thing straight – it’s impossible to stop a dog from barking completely. Barking is natural to dogs, just like talking is to humans. What you can do is learn if your dog is barking for irrational reasons and train it to stay quiet during those times.

Barking Reasons You Shouldn’t Discourage

There are quite a few reasons for your dog’s barking that you shouldn’t discourage. These reasons are natural urges, and in these instances, barking is the way your dog is telling you it wants something.

If you live in an apartment, for example, and you’re training your dog to urinate outside – with time, it will learn to bark to signal that it’s ready to be taken outside. This is a great example of your dog barking for a completely normal reason. The same rule applies to food. Most dogs will try to signal you that they’re hungry, and barking is part of that signalization.

Your dog will also often bark at other dogs – this doesn’t have to be malicious at all. It will often bark if the doorbell rings or if you’re talking to someone new – they’re being protective over you.

Another obvious reason for barking is pain – dogs will often bark and whimper when they’re in pain.

Barking Reasons You May Discourage

On the other hand, we have reasons for barking that are irrational. In these instances, your dog is once again trying to say something. However, there’s nothing to be done about it and the barking can’t help.

One example is attention! Dogs, especially dogs that spend most (or all) of their time inside (apartment, house with no yard), will bark for attention. Dogs accommodate their owners and want attention all the time. However, your dog must learn that sometimes you can’t spend time playing. This is why many dog trainers encourage that you let your dog out in the yard as often as possible.

Being inside isn’t a problem, but it’s a dull environment for a dog when you’re not there. If you have a yard and the weather is fine, it’s best for your dog to spend time there, as there are many interesting things to explore!

Your dog could also bark when you leave your home. It’s essentially saying that it misses you. However cute, this behavior is probably going to annoy your neighbors a lot. It’s important for your dog to understand that you can’t be around all the time.

A great thing about French Bulldogs is that since they aren’t a vocal breed, they’ll rarely bark for such reasons. However, if your dog is big on barking, there are techniques you can use to teach it to be quiet.

french bulldog barking

Training Your French Bulldog To Be Quiet

We’d like to point out that the best way to stop your dog from barking if it’s hungry or anxious is to feed it and comfort it. If your dog’s barking because of fireworks outside, there isn’t much you can do about it.

However, you can teach your dog the “Quiet” command. Make sure not to use this too much if the reason for barking is hunger or urination – this will affect your dog’s emotions negatively.

You can train barking Bulldogs to be quiet by saying it in a commanding voice. Your dog often won’t understand what you’re saying, so you’ll need to use body language to make it stop barking. When your dog finally does it, reward it with a treat! This is basically how every training functions.

It’s also possible that your dog is barking at a specific animal, person, or object. This is a very common problem, with many dogs reacting negatively to lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, etc. The only way to resolve it is to try to accustom them to whatever is causing the problem. Do this with treats and kind body language. It’s also possible for your dog to never feel comfortable around certain animals – cats, other dogs, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about this.

In summation, French Bulldogs aren’t too big on barking as they aren’t a vocal breed by nature. If you find your French Bulldog barking, there’s most likely a perfectly explainable reason for it. Dogs most often bark because they want to be let out, they’re looking for food, they feel anxious, as well as other reasons. The best way to stop the barking is to tend to your dog’s needs, but you can also teach your dog to be quiet in certain situations. Teaching your dog the “Quiet” command isn’t complicated, and if you’re having any trouble, we recommend working with a dog trainer.

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