Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Cats – Easy Training Tips

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Adopting a French bulldog when you already have a cat, will inevitably come with the question: do French bulldogs get along with cats? The common phrase ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ that describes disagreement makes it seem that cats and dogs don’t get along. 

How true this is, often depends on each individual cat or dog and each situation. The answer is not a simple yes or no, but a complicated grey one. Some may believe the bulldog’s nature and past as a fighting dog makes it more difficult to get along.

Natural Instincts

Dogs, and bulldogs alike, are descended from wolves, and as such, they could have a natural prey drive towards smaller animals. Even after many thousands of years of domestication, their natural instincts still remain. 

Cats tend to be smaller than dogs and are seen in the same way they see a squirrel. Dogs like to chase smaller animals and cats fit into that category. Not all dogs are bigger than cats, so maybe their aloof behavior attracts dogs’ interest even more. 

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Cats?

french bulldog and cats

Contrary to popular belief, dogs and French bulldogs can in fact get along with cats. The most ideal context in which a cat and a dog would be best friends is if they grow up together. Asking do French bulldogs get along with cats should be a contextual question as it greatly depends. 

This will mean that you get both a French bulldog and a cat as a puppy and kitty. They thus get used to each other from the start. Growing up together they will not find it odd that a different animal has come into their home and territory. 

Getting both pets at the same time is probably not practical and will most likely be a rarity. Pet owners typically already have one pet before getting a second and seek a way of establishing a connection. This is where the majority of these encounters will happen and when owners start to focus on introductions.

Temperaments Of French Bulldogs And Cats

Judging how smooth an introduction between a French bulldog and a cat will go depends on each case. Puppies are naturally curious and could very easily jump at the occasion to meet their new family member. 

Even though cats often seem elusive and shy, many cats do display curiosity and friendliness towards other animals. Some cats even exhibit territorial tendencies with regards to places and even their human’s attention. 

Knowing your pet’s reactions and behaviors is important, and socialization goes for both cats and dogs. All pets are different, and that could be either a good thing, or make it a little difficult. The answer to the question, of do French bulldogs get along with cats will reveal itself slowly.

Before Beginning The Introductions

First off, starting some basic obedience training for the French bulldog is a good method to assure a smoother introduction. To do this, get the bulldog in the frame of mind of positively reinforcing good behavior with treats and praise. 

If your Frenchie is a puppy, then a little training is necessary to be sure they understand what is asked of them. This can be a little tricky as it will require more than. It may not be feasible to keep both pets separate, but it’s an option worth attempting. 

How To Introduce A Cat To A French Bulldog?

It’s important to take things really slowly when first trying to introduce them. Letting your Frenchie loose in a room with the cat might trigger the cat to retreat and refuse to engage. Having them separate for a while will provide enough time for both to adjust to each other. 

Offering toys that have been used by the other is a great way to present their scent before actually meeting. This establishes a small connection between the two, so leave them with the scent for a few days. 

Choose a meeting location

Picking the right location for your pets to first make an acquaintance is vital. Ideally, they should meet at home in a room that can offer an environment under control. If possible, letting a Frenchie meet a dog-friendly cat before will prove beneficial. 

The actual introduction

Using a crate to bring the French bulldog into the room is a viable first alternative. This way the cat, be it a small kitty or an older one, will have a way to approach safely. 

Pay attention to a cat’s hackles, if they are raised then it means they are annoyed. A dog usually wags their tail upright when they are curious or excited and hides it in between their legs if scared. Both pets have to be comfortable before they bump nose to nose so to speak. 

Once they get a little more comfortable, place the cat on a higher level, as they tend to perch. This will assure the cat that it’s in a position of power while still keeping some distance from your dog. 

Reward good behavior to both pets with treats or praise, and don’t let them alone in the room. Both animals should get attention at this point so that they won’t feel neglected. 

If the first encounter has gone smoothly, then next time they may spend more time together. Leash training your French bulldog could go hand in hand with introducing the cat as you can exert a little control. 

Bulldogs and cat owners alike want the best for their pets. In the process of pondering: are French bulldogs good with cats, they can discover how to help them get along.


bulldogs and cats

It’s not an easy feat to bring a cat and a dog together. Patience, understanding, and planning go into the course of answering the question: do French bulldogs get along with cats? The answer is never going to be a simple yes, but a resounding maybe.

Cats and dogs are very different animals and have distinct body language that each owner needs to understand. This is in part to recognize signs of stress and annoyance so as not to force the introduction. The important part is that it can be done.

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