English Bulldog Beagle Mix – Amazing Breed Features

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English bulldog beagle mix is a popular designer breed combining two of the most admired breeds of dog into one loveable package of cuteness. It’s no surprise that mixes such as this one happen, as most current recognized breeds were meticulously bred by humans. 

Oftentimes when we first start to look to adopt a dog, we look at breed traits to decide. Some of these features may be best suited than others, and even multiple breeds can fit the perfect category. Officially recognized mixed-breeds offer the best of both worlds when it comes to breeding specifics.

What Is An English Bulldog Beagle Mix?

Beabull is the term most commonly in use to describe this mix, but some may simply prefer ‘beagle-bulldog mix’. Condensing the best traits of both the beagle and bulldog is what makes this mix so captivating. It may not be a matter of picking one breed over the other when a combination is possible. 

A wonderful mixture of two adorable breeds, that could not be more different from one another. It’s quite impressive how such a match garnered the result it did. The popularity of the beabull dog has come to all new heights in recent years. 

The Parent Breeds


Gaining knowledge about a potential dog’s origin can be a good indicator of temperament, training potential, and even diet requirements. Healthy dog parents also offer a higher guarantee of healthy puppies. 

English Bulldog 

As the name suggests, the English bulldog has its origin in England as a bull-baiting dog breed. A powerful, muscular dog, the bulldog not only looks impressive but also has the physical strength to bring down a bull. Although this aggressive feature that encouraged bull baiting has been bred out of them.

Along many centuries the bulldog saw many changes to both appearance and temperament. What we know today is a smaller framed docile version of the fighting dog of the past. Courage and independence are still features they possess now, along with unflinching loyalty towards their family.  


The beagle is first and foremost, a hound, bred in the past for hunting rabbits and other such small animals. Beagles also have a very powerful sense of smell with around two hundred million scent receptors, which is their basic motivator. The bark and howls of the beagle are a feature to take note of, as they can be quite noisy. 

Beagles are a very healthy breed overall and require minimal grooming to boot. The hound part of their breeding traits list is one that can make them stubborn, especially when catching a scent. They follow their noses everywhere and training usually needs to include sometimes more interesting than whatever they smell. 

The Temperament Of The English Bulldog Beagle Mix

Taking elements from both breed parents, the mixture will not guarantee a set list of things they will inherit. It greatly depends on which of the parents they will take after, to a higher or smaller degree.

They can be very sociable with people or other dogs, a trait that might come from the beagle. This friendly nature however will most likely mean they may not be the best guard dogs. But with an affectionate loving dog, there is more fun to be had and this joy translates nicely within a caring family. 

This need for affection that a beabull tends to display may manifest as separation anxiety. Some training to ensure a little confidence in this department would be necessary. A beabull dog can be gentle and patient with small children, and fit seamlessly in the family dynamic.  

Inherited Behavioral Traits Of English Bulldog Beagle Mix 

Some of the more goofy personality elements of an English bulldog’s gene pool is one desirable feature to wish upon. The resolute courageous nature of a bulldog may make itself present, as well as the more relaxed laid back demeanor. 

A predisposition to howl at random intervals is something they can take from beagles. This paired with powerful sniffing abilities and high bursts of energy will contribute to their wilder side.

What Does An English Bulldog Beagle Mix Look Like?

How a beabull will look like, is still a matter of chance. There will always be an element of surprise with each new beabull and differences can be noticeable. Sometimes a beabull’s appearance is split between both dog parents while other times it leans more towards one particular breed. 

Size varies from 13 to 15 inches in height, as the weight category balances somewhere in between 20 to 50 pounds. The brachycephalic face is a potential trait a beabull can inherit, but maybe not as pronounced. 

Caring For An English Bulldog Beagle Mix

Depending on which of the two breeds they take more after, a beabull would need more or less daily activity. Around an hour of exercise, a day should suffice, or even less if they are more like a bulldog. 

Training is a mixed bag as both beagle and bulldog are extremely stubborn. Consistency and patience are essential to training a beabull, along with plenty of socialization to new environments and situations. 

The Issue Of Breed Purity


The bulldog is a well-known breed in the world of human breeding involvement, with a rich evolutionary history. Breed purity is a big factor for both beagle and bulldog, thus a mix will contradict this. 

On one hand, gene diversity is a good thing, while on the other hand breed protection is what many seek. This debate is as old as we have had domesticated dogs. It ultimately comes down to the idea that every breed we know is a product of human intervention.


A beabull is a very sweet dog, that can be both a bundle of energy and a lazy couch dog. With a cute friendly manner, the beabull can get along with everyone just well. The cross with a beagle offers better genetic health overall, as a positive side of the mix. 

The short hair they inherit from both breeds makes grooming easy with minimal shedding. With the right combination of exercise and mental stimulation, the beabull will have a happy loving life. 

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