English Bulldog Clothes Size

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Many Bulldog owners insist on their pups wearing clothes, but it can be difficult to determine what’s English Bulldog clothes size. Getting something that’s too large or too small and having to return it is a nuisance. Because of this, it’s important to know how to choose the right piece for your dog.

In today’s article, we’ll learn how to choose clothes for your English Bulldog and when are dog clothes useful!

English Bulldog Size Chart

Now, there isn’t a specific chart for English Bulldogs. The site you’re purchasing your clothes from will have a sizing chart with a bunch of measurements. You should choose your dog’s clothes according to these measurements. The English Bulldog is most likely an S, but you should still measure your dog up.

english bulldog chest size

There are a few things you’re going to need to measure – let’s start with the length. “Length” refers to the distance between your dog’s neck and the base of its tail. Simply take a measuring tape, measure that length and write it down. Up next, we have girth. “Girth” refers to the circumference of the chest.

The widest part of a dog’s body is typically the chest, right behind the front pair of legs. Take the measuring tape and make a circle around the chest, measuring that part. English Bulldog chest size, just like English Bulldog neck size, typically isn’t too much.

Most dog clothes don’t require you to measure the neck, but if they do, measure the neck at its girthiest point – the base of it.

Dogs generally don’t like wearing boots, but if you have to measure the paws to buy footwear (or paw wear, appropriately), measure the paw’s length and width. Simply have them stand on the floor and measure the paw at their widest and longest parts.

Wearing Dog Clothes

When it comes to choosing dog clothes, there are many different reasons why you could buy clothes for your dog. Some of these reasons are very obvious and reasonable, while others are still topics of debate.

Keeping your dog warm

The most common reason behind buying clothes for your dog is keeping your dog warm during the winter. This is especially important if you’re living in a colder area. English Bulldogs, for example, don’t deal with colder temperatures too well (they don’t deal with warmer temperatures well, either). Because of this, many owners will purchase coats for their dogs.

These coats will often be stuffed with different synthetic or natural materials that will act as insulators and retain heat for your dog. There are other dogs, however, that don’t like wearing clothes. The usual reason for this is that the clothing is unnecessary and it’s only a bother for the dog.

Some dogs get used to this very easily, while others don’t. It’s not uncommon for dogs to rip the clothes and protest in any way they know how because they don’t want to wear them. This problem is not uncommon, and many owners have to teach their dogs to wear clothes.

Keeping your dog visible

The invention of the glowing collar has proven to be quite a success, as your dog is much safer if you’re taking a walk at night. The number one source of danger for dogs in traffic. However, some drivers might not connect the dots if they just see a glowing light in the dark, which is why there are now glowing vests.

These pieces are covered with glow-in-the-dark compounds or even LED lights, sometimes. This guarantees that your dog is seen on time and you surely won’t get caught in any trouble.

Teaching your dog to swim

english bulldog clothes size

Believe it or not, there are many different types of rescue vests for dogs. These are very useful when it comes to teaching your dog how to swim. This is a bit trickier with English Bulldogs, as these dogs generally don’t like water as they have a lot of trouble swimming because of their brachycephalic state, but they’ve proven to be pretty useful for dogs that can swim.

Keeping your home clean

Now this reason for putting clothes on your dog will easily stir a debate. Some owners don’t feel like cleaning up after their dog every now and then, so they found a solution in shedding coats. These coats are more or less identical in practice to the coats that are supposed to keep your dog warm during colder months. The major difference is – they don’t keep your dog warm.

The design used has to collect the hair that naturally falls off your dog’s coat. Because of this, some people criticize the invention. Dogs usually find this uncomfortable – they don’t like wearing an unnecessary piece of fabric just because the owner doesn’t feel like cleaning.

Even though it’ll definitely minimize the amount of hair found on the floor and the furniture – it’s annoying for the dog.

When Should My Dog Wear Clothes?

The big question! The rule should be pretty simple – when it’s appropriate for the dog to wear a piece of clothing, you should definitely put clothes on it. If it’s cold outside and your dog can’t take it – by all means, put a coat on. You’re going for a late-night walk and you want drivers to see you? Definitely use a reflective vest.

However, putting a piece of clothing only as a fashion statement or to keep your home clean? The dog won’t like that. They find wearing clothes unnecessary and bothering them with it when it’s not necessary will only annoy your pup!

To Sum Up

There are no fixed sizes for English Bulldogs. When measuring, measure to the instructions according to the manufacturer on their website. Measure the length and girth of the dog.

Sometimes, you’ll also need to measure paw size and neck size, too. When it comes to choosing clothes, there are dog clothes for many different occasions, but try not to put on clothes when your dog doesn’t need them.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t like clothes, and forcing clothes on your dog will usually end in them acting up!

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