English Bulldog Food Allergy – A Difficult Challenge

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English bulldog food allergy-related issues are common and trying to deal with this means choosing the appropriate diet with patience and care. Providing a bulldog with the right care is imperative to offer a healthy happy life. Knowing what may cause allergic reactions to a bulldog and how to treat them is essential. 

Allergic reactions can be truly uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. Not only are bulldogs prone to skin allergies, but food allergies as well, which only makes things that much worse.

Why Are Bulldogs Susceptible To Allergies?

As humans experience certain reactions to external factors, so do our dogs, English bulldogs in particular. External environmental factors that trigger allergic reactions from pollen or different kinds of irritants, driven by seasonal changes. If symptoms don’t improve after the season ends, however, there may be time to look at their food. 

Some specific protein-based food can cause allergic reactions in English Bulldogs. Genetic predispositions are the main explanation for why these allergic reactions occur. Not all reactions to food can be considered allergies though, as a Bulldog may exhibit intolerance to some foods. 

Like human intolerance to milk, a Bulldog can also show intolerance to eggs, milk, or even corn. It’s not easy dealing with these reactions when other factors like external environmental ones, make it harder to detect. Tackling a plethora of other allergic issues only piles on each other creating more complex problems. 

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What Foods Can English Bulldogs Be Allergic To?

Many different unassuming kinds of food made their way on the English bulldog food allergy list. Protein-related food like chicken, beef, or pork is high on that list and since they are very common in dog food it seems hard to avoid. 

On the opposite spectrum, there are dairy products, eggs, wheat, corn, and soy that can cause reactions. Some ingredients of ordinary dog food like dyes, artificial seasoning, and even preservatives also pose a danger. 

English Bulldog Allergic Reactions

The most common sign of an allergic reaction is itchy skin followed closely by scratching. Food allergic reactions or intolerances can also come with coughing or diarrhea, which are harder to detect as allergic reactions. When any of these reactions fail to go away and persist for long periods then allergies are present. 

Other common symptoms of allergic reactions to look out for include licking and biting at paws or skin, inflammation, and even flatulence. More extreme cases can even manifest as seizures, which require immediate veterinary care.  Any of these symptoms, however small, should be closely investigated and treated. 

The link between certain foods and skin allergy is evident in bulldogs sometimes. But before scouring pet shops for the best dog food for bulldogs with skin allergies, some attention must be given to allergy sources.

Distinguish The Cause Of Allergy In Bulldogs

Perceiving an allergy is one thing, but figuring out its cause is quite another. Knowing that your bulldog is experiencing an allergic reaction is only the beginning. Finding the source of that reaction is vital to offer the proper help they may need. There are a few methods that can help with identifying a source of allergy.

A Process Of Elimination

Armed with the knowledge of what food can cause allergies in Bulldogs, offers a list of things to take out of their diet. Checking the ingredients list on any dog food packaging should give a clear indication of what they contain. This will help identify any potential source of allergens in their food.  

Taking possible allergic-inducing ingredients out of their diet and replacing them with some other ingredient is the first step. Observing how they react to the change will either confirm or disprove whether it was responsible for the allergy.

Diagnostic Testing

A far less invasive method of identifying English bulldog food allergy comes in the form of testing. Saliva from Bulldogs is analyzed and tested in lab conditions to pinpoint possible ingredients that are a risk of allergy. This approach is less stressful for your dog as it does not require a whole switch in diet over long periods.  

Treating English Bulldog Food Allergy

Food allergies are difficult to confront on your own and veterinary advice might be a requirement. The elimination process itself is a difficult one to undertake as whatever is taken out of their diet must have a replacement. A vet will know exactly how to reformulate a diet that suits those needs as well as create healthy meal plans.

These meal plans by way of eliminating potential allergens usually follow a few steps. The first involves a period of only single-food ingredients fed to a Bulldog over eight weeks. These single-food ingredients typically consist of one source of protein, one of the carbohydrates, and one of veggie protein. A meal like this would be peas with rabbit, or fish. 

Another step in this treatment is to refrain from giving them any treats, food supplements, regular human food, or even flavored medication. The last step in this process involves bringing back the previous regular food slowly, and observing any changes. 

Different types of treatment can also help with English bulldog food allergies. Probiotic supplements are a very good way to strengthen the digestive and immune systems and minimize inflammation. 

There is also the option of establishing a fresh diet for your English Bulldog. This way all potentially harmful ingredients never make it into their food, to begin with. It is a more costly option with a lower shelf life for dog food, but it could be a viable solution. This method can provide some of the best food for English bulldogs with allergies.


Handling allergies is a hard endeavor but with the help of a veterinary professional and basic knowledge of what causes reactions, it can be easier. Not all treatment options will work and the vet can guide you on the right path. 

It’s always a good choice to seek the best dog food for bulldogs with skin allergies as a preventative measure. As English bulldog food allergy becomes apparent from regular diet so too come the many options of treating and preventing reactions. 

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