What Is The Standard English Bulldog Growth Rate?

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If you’re wondering what is the standard English bulldog growth rate, we’ve compiled all the details and stats here, together with a comprehensive growth chart. Knowing how fast a dog is supposed to grow is crucial for making sure it grows healthy. This is especially important for breeds like the English bulldog who, let’s say, have a more “unorthodox” build.

So, if you want to be certain that your pup is not growing overweight, isn’t malnourished, or doesn’t have any growth problems, check out our chart and breakdown below.

How Fast Is The English Bulldog Growth Rate?

An English bulldog will typically grow by a factor of 10 from its first month to its first ear birthday. A 1-month English bulldog will weigh about 5 pounds (2 kg) in most cases but will get up to 50 pounds (23 kg) as an adult. That’s quite an impressive growth rate for a dog that’s also fairly short and doesn’t grow much over 10 inches (~25 cm) as an adult.

Naturally, a lot of the weight your English bulldog is going to acquire will go into its thick chest,  shoulders, and hips. This is a stocky and sturdy breed – after all, it was bred to stand up to enraged bulls.

In short, the English bulldog growth rate is pretty quick and needs to be kept an eye on. You don’t want your bully to get overweight but you also don’t want to keep your pup underfed.

When Is An English Bulldogs Full Grown?

An English bulldog will usually reach its optimal height and weight at about 12 months of age. From there, it’s very unlikely that your dog will get any taller. The weight can keep climbing a little bit in the next month or so if the dog hasn’t “filled up”. Anything more than a couple of pounds usually isn’t to be expected, however. Instead, it’s likely a sign that you’re overfeeding your dog or you aren’t giving it enough exercise.

English Bulldog Puppy Weight Chart

Here’s our comprehensive month-by-month chart for the average English bulldog weigh – both for male and female dogs. Some deviation from the averages is possible, of course, especially if you’ve picked the biggest or the smallest pup from the litter. However, if the deviation is too significant you may want to contact your veterinarian.

English Bulldog Age Male English Bulldog Average Weight Female English Bulldog Average Weight
1 months 4 to 7 lbs (1.8 to 3.2 kg) 3 to 6 lbs (1.3 to 2.7 kg)
2 months 9 to 12 lbs (4 to 5.4 kg) 7 to 10 lbs (3.2 to 4.5 kg)
3 months 13 to 18 lbs (5.9 to 8.2 kg) 12 to 15 lbs (5.4 to 6.8 kg)
4 months 18 to 24 lbs (8.2 to 10.8 kg) 18 to 22 lbs (8.2 to 10 kg)
5 months 30 to 33 lbs (13.6 to 15 kg) 22 to 25 lbs (10 to 11.3 kg)
6 months 33 to 37 lbs (15 to 16.8 kg) 26 to 30 lbs (11.8 to 13.6 kg)
7 months 38 to 42 lbs (17.2 to 19 kg) 30 to 33 lbs (13.6 to 15 kg)
8 months 42 to 45 lbs (19 to 20.4 kg) 33 to 36 lbs (15 to 16.3 kg)
9 months 43 to 47 lbs (19.5 to 21.3 kg) 35 to 37 lbs (15.9 to 16.8 kg)
10 months 45 to 48 lbs (20.4 to 21.7 kg) 35 to 38 lbs (15.9 to 17.2 kg)
11 months 46 to 49 lbs (20.8 to 22.2 kg) 37 to 40 lbs (16.8 to 18.1 kg)
12 months 51 to 55 lbs (23 to 25 kg) 40 to 44 lbs (18.1 to 19 kg)
18 months 51 to 55 lbs (23 to 25 kg) 40 to 44 lbs (18.1 to 19 kg)
24 months 51 to 55 lbs (23 to 25 kg) 40 to 44 lbs (18.1 to 19 kg)

 english bulldog puppy weight chart

English Bulldog Growth Rate For Height

As far as height is concerned, the average full-grown height of male English bulldogs is about 16 inches (40 to 41 cm) around the 1-year mark. Female English bulldogs are usually a bit shorter at around 14 inches (35 to 36 cm) but they can get as tall as a male too.

Their height progression isn’t tracked as extensively as their weight, however, English bulldogs usually reach 75% of their height around their half-year mark. This usually means 10 to 13 inches (25.4 to 33 cm) for males and 9 to 11 inches (23 to 28 cm) for females at 6 months of age.

Does Neutering/Spaying Affect The Bulldogs Weight?

This is somewhat of a myth because of how intuitive it feels to most people. However, neutering or spraying your dog doesn’t really have a very significant effect on its growth. There are studies that show that neutering the pup too early can speed up its growth and neutering it after the 8-month mark can slow down its growth. However, in either case, the change is pretty insignificant and isn’t worth considering.

How Can You Tell How Big An English Bulldog Puppy Is Going To Get?

There is no surefire way to be certain how big your English bulldog puppy is going to get. In general, larger pups grow into larger dogs and vice versa. However, there’s a variation to this, as there is with people – many tall people weren’t particularly out of the ordinary as babies, for example.

The basic advice most experts give is to just pick a healthy puppy that’s neither too large nor too small. This, together with good care, will ensure a healthy and happy dog that falls within the norm in the weight chart above.

What If My English Bulldog’s Growth Rate Is Faster Or Slower Than Anticipated?

As with the weight, a bit of deviation is ok. However, if your bulldog is too far behind its expected growth or is getting distinctively overweight, you should consult with your veterinarian. This is why vets always weigh our pets when we bring them for a visit anyway.


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