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Calm, dependable, and absolutely adorable – if you’re an English Bulldog fan you’ll understand why they are a popular choice with many dog owners!  Bulldogs are loved by canine fans around the world, and can often have unusual, funny, or just downright crazy names. But if your Bully is a boy, what are the best English Bulldog names for males?

Male English Bulldogs are the real gentlemen of the dog world and choosing a name for your Bulldog boy can be a fun task. It can be hard to come up with an original dog name, so let’s take a look at some good names for English Bulldogs.

How To Choose Bulldog Names

It is not uncommon for pedigree dogs such as English Bulldogs to have two different names. The first of these will be their registered name, which appears on their official pedigree and identification documents. This name is normally given at birth and often relates to how the dog is bred in some way.

This official name might be quite unusual, as it will link to the breeder’s official kennel name and possibly the parents of the dog as well. A fancy name is great, but not the easiest to use during everyday life at home!

Therefore, many Bulldogs are also given a pet name. This might be a shortened version of their pedigree name, or something altogether new.

There are rules around the names that English Bulldogs are given for pedigree purposes. The American Kennel Club has strict guidelines to follow. Here are some interesting things that can and cannot be included when registering a dog’s name:

  • The words champion or champ cannot be used as part of a dog’s name.
  • No more than thirty-seven dogs of each breed can be assigned the same name.
  • The name cannot be more than fifty characters long, including spaces between words, apostrophes, and hyphens.
  • The name cannot include obscenities or derogatory terminology.

When it comes to choosing the pet name for your English Bulldog, luckily there are no such restrictions! However, remember you will need to shout this name to recall your dog, so avoid anything too embarrassing or rude.

Popular English Bulldog Names: Males

Many English Bulldog names for male dogs are popular and are often used frequently. These names are popular for a reason, as they were traditionally chosen to match the tough image of this lovable dog.

Popular English Bulldog names for male dogs include:

  • Bruno
  • Butch
  • Duke
  • Jagger
  • King
  • Rocky
  • Spike
  • Maximus
  • Rambo
  • Thor
  • Zeus

These are all great names, but you might be looking for something more unusual or unique. Keep reading for some great suggestions for English Bulldog names males!

Choosing Unique English Bulldog Names

Looking for a unique name for your male English Bulldog? These days, many people are avoiding traditional names and opting for something out of the ordinary.

A good place to start looking for an uncommon name is by picking a theme or idea. This way, you can come up with something truly original, and possibly unique!

Here are some great themes to get you started:

 english bulldog names males

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TV Or Film Characters

Naming your male English Bulldog after TV or film characters can give you huge scope for choosing an original name. Whether you look to a long-running TV series or all-time classic movie, it is fun to choose a name that people will instantly recognize!

Here are our top 5 TV and film character names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Chase (Paw Patrol)
  • Hooch (Turner and Hooch)
  • Shelby (Smallville)
  • Simba (The Lion King)
  • Slinky (Toy Story)

Culinary Themed Dog Names

Do you have a favorite type of food? Perhaps you could name your male English Bulldog after your favorite dessert, cake, or cocktail? This might sound like a crazy idea but say these names out loud a few times – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Here are our top 5 food and drink-related names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Amaretto
  • Halloumi
  • Martini
  • Peanut
  • Treacle

Starry Dog Names

If you’re struggling to find a special name for your male Bully, then why not look to the skies! Our celestial bodies have some very beautiful names which would make great male Bulldog names.

Here are our top 5 astronomical names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Atlas
  • Comet
  • Nova
  • Sirius
  • Vega

Geography-Themed Dog Names

If you’re struggling for dog name inspiration, have a look at your road map! This could be a favorite vacation spot or a river you have always dreamed of fishing? Many dogs have great names which are derived from unusual locations, so this can be a great place to start.

Here are our top 5 location-based names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Berlin
  • Houston
  • London
  • Jordan
  • Rico

Geological Dog Names

The geological characteristics of our planet have some incredible and beautiful names. These can be used to give your dog an unusual name that really suits its rock-like personality.

Here are our top 5 geological names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Flint
  • Granite
  • Obsidian
  • Steel
  • Topaz

Rock And Roll Dog Names

Still in love with the swinging sixties? Or maybe you’re hankering after a rock and roll revival? Using band names is a great idea to find an unusual name for your dog.

Here are our top five music-themed names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Bowie
  • Cobain
  • Hendrix
  • Prince
  • Zeppelin

Art Themed Dog Names

Now, English Bulldogs might not be the most beautiful dogs in the world, but fans of this breed will agree that they are a work of art!

Here are our top five art-themed names for male English Bulldogs:

  • Banksy
  • Leonardo
  • Matisse
  • Picasso
  • Rembrandt


So, as we have learned, there is a huge range of possibilities for English Bulldog names, males especially! The traditional and common names sum up these placid and lovable dogs perfectly. However, it is possible to find some great names which are more unusual for your male English Bulldog.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best male English Bulldog names! Perhaps your Bully boy has a particularly special name you would love to share with us? Please add your comments below!

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