English Bulldog Price Range

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English Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world with many interested people asking about the English Bulldog price range. A Greater demand for anything will in turn dictate a higher price, and that same rule applies to dogs. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the price of an English Bulldog and what exactly defines a high-quality dog to ensure that you’re properly informed before making a buy.

English Bulldog Price Range

As we’ve already explained, English Bulldogs have become very popular in the last forty years, with a great growth in interest being noted in the past twenty years. Part of this demand for these pups is due to the fact that they can easily live in apartments – something that many dog breeds don’t like.

And just like that, the English Bulldog (and the French Bulldog, as well) has become a highly sought-after dog breed. This makes it one of the more expensive breeds.

They’re not an exotic breed by any means, which is why their price still isn’t massive – there are dogs out there that are so rare and difficult to come by that a single puppy can cost $10 000. English Bulldogs, however, usually don’t cost more than $4 000. And these are the more expensive dogs.

Anything more than that number needs to be backed with a very good explanation – for example, coming from an extremely high-quality dog family. Most dogs, however, being purebred and having all the necessary documentation won’t cost more than $4 000.

You can get some of them for as few as $1 500, or maybe even more, but this depends on the individual breeder.

Keep in mind that breeders dictate their prices according to the needs of the customer – i.e. yourself. If English Bulldogs are particularly wanted in the area you live in, they’re definitely going to charge more. It’s more than possible for the identical dog to be three times cheaper just a few hundred miles away.

Some owners prefer importing their dogs from overseas, particularly from Europe, as dog prices often aren’t as hefty as they are in the states.

What Constitutes a High-Quality English Bulldog?

The number one thing you should have in mind when you’re out to buy a high-quality English Bulldog is the dog’s family. Every respectable breeder will keep records of all past and current family members. If you really want a high-quality dog, the dog’s parents and grandparents should be high-quality too.

This is usually determined by results in competitions – high-quality dogs have higher scores.

What Constitutes a High-Quality English Bulldog

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With Bulldogs, however, there’s another thing that you have to keep in mind and that’s their health. Unfortunately, Bulldogs are some of the unhealthiest breeds on the planet. This is almost exclusively due to the fact that their breathing apparatus is completely dysfunctional.

Because of the shape of their skull, they’re brachycephalic, meaning that they’re not breathing right and that they never will be able to breathe right. This causes massive issues with their cardiovascular system, digestion, locomotor system, and even their skin.

If a breeder is charging a ton of money for an English Bulldog, then their family history shouldn’t be heavily ridden by the brachycephalic syndrome. This is also usually kept within records, so your breeder should be able to provide information on the family’s health history.

There are different degrees to essentially every disease, and not all English Bulldogs are equally unhealthy when it comes to brachycephalic syndrome.

If the parents and the grandparents of the dog you’re looking to buy have a history of visits to the vet, then you shouldn’t be paying much for the dog.

Additional Expenses

When it comes to English Bulldogs, you should be warned to expect many additional expenses, primarily in the form of veterinary costs.

As we already explained, these dogs suffer from chronic brachycephalic syndrome, which means that they’re definitely going to experience a lot of problems with their body. There’s no long-term solution for any of these issues, but your vet is going to be able to take care of skin infections, help your dog with obesity, etc.

You should understand that if you’re buying one of these dogs, you’re going to spend a lot of time at the vet’s and that’s usually expensive (which is why pet insurance is a good idea).

So, when people ask how much is an English Bulldog, they often forget that there are massive additional expenses that they’ll likely be taking care of for the rest of the dog’s life, and that’s certainly something to keep in mind.

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What is the average price for an English Bulldog?

Anything between $1500 and $4000. This, however, depends on the particular area and the quality of the dog itself. You can buy a high-quality dog on the cheap if you know exactly where to look for and vice versa.

Why are Bulldogs so expensive?

They're one of the most popular breeds, especially for inactive people who spend a lot of time in their apartments, but they're also part of the 'elite' group of dog breeds which have been bred for a very long time, raising the price because of their status. They're also very loyal and loving.

How much are English Bulldog puppies?

Puppies cost the aforementioned price of up to $4000. However, adult dogs that have already achieved good results in competitions can cost much, much more than that (possibly even twice that much).

To End

English Bulldogs, despite all their appeal, are very expensive dogs (even overpriced according to some experts), most likely because of their sedentary habits which are often parallel to the habits of the owner. These dogs can cost up to $4 000, but usually, the highest-quality dogs are that expensive, with most dogs never reaching those prices.

Adults dogs, however, can cost much, much more – especially if they’ve already established themselves as champions in dog shows. Also, keep in mind that all Bulldogs are riddled with health issues, so you’re definitely be spending even more money on the vet.

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