English Bulldog Skin Care Challenges and Solutions

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Wrinkly-faced dogs breeds are adorable but may pose some health issues so understanding English bulldog skin care is paramount to treating skin conditions. Disregarding English bulldog face care can lead to all manner of skin conditions and infections, and hygiene is the number one responsibility.

Older English and French bulldogs tend to require better skin care as they develop higher sensitive skin with age. This does mean that a puppy won’t need any skin care at all in the beginning. While puppies are far less sensitive, they too need some care which will depend on each individual puppy.

What Causes Skin Problems In Bulldogs

French bulldog care and maintenance often revolve around their facial wrinkles. Bacteria and yeast can develop in the dark and damp conditions of the wrinkles, even with regular cleaning. Vigilance is key to intercepting potential harmful skin conditions. 

Even ears are a potential area for bacteria to take hold and cause skin health problems. The first sign of skin discomfort in any dog is severe scratching, sometimes to the point of creating bald patches. Scratching is usually followed by licking or chewing, only making things worse as bacteria in the mouth causes more harm. 

Preventative Measures For English Bulldog Skin Care

Caring for an English bulldog can be an uphill battle sometimes. A daily cleaning routine will go a long way in preventing what may arise. Every dog will be different and so will the routine every bulldog owner will implement.

General Grooming 

The easiest and fastest option to clean their skin is to simply wipe their folds with a soft damp cloth. Although puppies may not be as vulnerable to irritants, it’s a good idea to start a cleaning routine anyway. 

This is so that they will get desensitized from the process and always allow you to clean them without much fuss. Offering up some treats to associate cleaning time with something positive will train them to wait patiently as they are cleaned.  

Bath Time 

Bathing usually needs to happen infrequently so that a dog’s natural oils are not stripped away on a regular basis. However, this does not apply when a dog gets really dirty after hopping into the nearby pool of mud. Depending on the situation, bathing your dog once a year is not feasible.

When it comes to bulldogs, bathing can cause dry skin as it gets rid of their natural oils. For bath times, using a mild soap or shampoo with germicide or anti-fungal properties is best. It’s a good idea to ask the vet for recommendations on English bulldog skin care products for your dog’s needs. 

Soap trapped in the skin folds can cause irritation so it’s important to rinse it out properly each time. Some bulldogs may even need specially medicated shampoos prescribed by their vet to treat certain skin conditions. 

english bulldog bath time 

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Tackling Moisture

Moisture is another factor to consider when dealing with English bulldog skin care. Wiping folds and wrinkles with a damp cloth must be followed by drying them off properly. Moisture in the holds exacerbates yeast development that leads to irritation and infections. 

On the other hand, bulldog face care requires a balance, as skin that’s too dry can also be bad. Irritation and infection can stem from dryness as much as from moisture. A little vaseline applied in between the wrinkles should maintain them and prevent skin irritation. Aloe vera is a good alternative for sensitive skin in this case.

Dealing With Infections 

Infection may inevitably occur at some point, and being prepared will make English bulldog skin care easier. Infection commonly manifests with inflammation and redness, itchy or dry areas, discharge, and sometimes a bad smell. Cleaning the area is the first step, which can be hard specifically because of the difficulty in accessing their wrinkles while the dog is discomforted. 

Trimming some of the fur around these areas will make them a little more accessible, particularly for daily cleaning routines. The vet may prescribe a topical cream to treat rashes, similar to diaper rash creams. A gentle cleanser would also be useful in cleaning and not adding more irritants to bulldog wrinkles. 

Another issue that can affect the skin is brought on by excessive tearing that turns into tear stains. The reasons for excessive tearing in dogs are many and varied, ranging from allergies, eye infections, breed characteristics, or trauma. 

When excessive tearing happens to a bulldog there is the problem of it causing dermatitis by way of yeast infection. As tears slide out of their eye, it collects inside the wrinkles and irritates the skin. This can look like a stain going down their face which can be red, yellow, or white. In some cases, long hairs can irritate the eye and cause it to produce more tears.

Treating these conditions is a two-fold process as there are two issues to resolve. On one hand, excessive tearing has to be stopped with medication. On the other hand, there is the infection on the skin that needs treatment. This may require veterinary assistance, especially when seeking medication to stop tearing. 

Dietary Needs

Food can most definitely influence a bulldog’s skin and so requires some attention. Allergic skin reactions may occur due to some foods like chicken, beef, or pork. So it’s important to provide a well-balanced nutritious diet to your bulldog, as well as keeping an eye out for any allergies.

It’s best to avoid foods that have very high contents of carbs such as sugar or corn. High levels of protein in their food are also something to avoid. Whatever food they consume affects the production of the natural oil on their bodies, so it only stands to reason that a good diet is necessary. 


When it comes to English bulldog skin care, owning an English bulldog is not a walk in the park. French bulldog care and maintenance need to be preemptive and vigilant as they are more sensitive to some issues. 

Skin conditions are a nuisance for the typical bulldog, but with some preparation, it’s an issue that has many solutions. English bulldogs make for great pets, with their sweet mannerisms, cuddly appearance, and confidence. 

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