How To Deal With English Bulldogs Diarrhea Issues?

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Having English bulldogs diarrhea problems can be quite common and being prepared will make it easier to deal with and treat the issue as it occurs. A little bit of knowledge will go a long way in protecting your bulldog, as diarrhea can be life-threatening. 

Diarrhea in dogs usually signals something wrong with their digestive tract. Caring for a dog with diarrhea is something many owners will face at least once. It becomes a little more concerning when puppies suffer from this as they are prone to greater health issues due to diarrhea.

English Bulldogs Diarrhea Symptoms

The most apparent symptom is, of course, loose watery stool. Before it comes to diarrhea some other symptoms can be seen as a precursor to bulldogs’ stomach problems. Vomiting is an aggravating symptom to come in combination with diarrhea and can indicate a more serious condition.

how to treat diarrhea in bulldogs

Gassiness and stomach pains also bring about more discomfort, as well as difficulty pooping. Reduced appetite and weight loss bring additional complications to an already strenuous issue. Lethargy swiftly follows due to lack of nutritious absorption, to neatly wrap all the symptoms into one concerning package. 

On the more urgent side of the spectrum, refusal to drink or eat, swollen belly and fever, warrant an immediate trip to the vet. There could be any number of causes that bring these symptoms and a vet’s advice is always the safest bet.

Potential Causes For English Bulldogs Diarrhea?

Since bulldog diarrhea is closely tied to the digestive system, most causes emerge from whatever your bulldog has consumed. Food is not the only cause, of course, but it’s the one place to start paying attention to. 


It’s common knowledge that bulldogs tend to have very sensitive digestive systems. Hence it is very important not to feed them more than their daily requirements for nourishment. Signs of overeating are easy to spot in their stools as they will look soft or like it’s been blended. This in itself is a mild form of diarrhea most likely caused by too much food intake. 

Too many treats 

Treats are a very important part of any dog’s diet and training. But for all that, taking note of the number of treats they eat in a day is vital. It’s also a matter of the treats’ caloric intake and what ingredients they contain. Considering bulldogs are highly susceptible to allergies, knowing exactly what goes into their treats can save headaches. Dosage for treats is far easier to manage than the ingredients it contains.

Diet change

Hastily changing a dog’s diet is a sure way of opening the door to stomach problems, especially for puppies and bulldogs. Their stomachs find it difficult to adjust to different food and ingredients if there is no gradual introduction and replacement beforehand. 

Altered or spoiled food

As their sensitive stomachs have a difficult time switching to a new food, it only stands to reason that bulldogs will surely react badly to spoiled food. Checking expiration dates on dog food is a good way to assure freshness. Also making sure they don’t snack or food from the ground outside or from the garbage is important. 

How To Treat Diarrhea In Bulldogs? 

Figuring out English bulldogs diarrhea causes and symptoms is all well and good but how does one approach treatment? A few home remedies are available to help soothe your bulldog before reaching the vet.

Withholding food

The most widely agreed-upon method of treating diarrhea is to stop feeding your dog for 12 to 24 hours. It’s a form of fasting to stabilize the gut and stop the strain on the stomach. Keeping food from your dog is one thing to consider, keeping them hydrated is another. Diarrhea usually comes with dehydration issues which can be dramatically worsened. 

Introduce a bland diet 

After fasting, feeding should encompass a healthy diet that will not overload the stomach. This diet usually consists of mashed potatoes, boiled rice or pasta, with chicken. Portions and food diversity should be recommended by the vet. 

Once this diet starts helping your English bulldogs diarrhea problem, switching back to their regular food needs to happen slowly. It should be seen as a diet change and treated accordingly. 

Separating meals

Giving your dog their meals in a few separate portions throughout the day will ease the stress on their stomach. This is a good way to care for their stomach problems both when they experience diarrhea and after recovery. 

Preventative Measures For English Bulldogs Diarrhea

bulldogs stomach problems

Seeking to combat diarrhea is far more difficult than preventing it. Knowing what may cause diarrhea to your English bulldog can help with future prevention. Food dosage can be closely monitored each day and thus avoid overeating and stressing their stomachs. 

Apart from their regular daily eating habits, ensure the food they do eat is of high quality and still fresh. Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions, or irritate their stomach so it’s vital to make sure they are not on their diet. Some foods that can cause allergies include beef, chicken, and dairy. 

Chicken is one ingredient to know for bulldog allergic reactions as it’s present as a bland meal when diarrhea occurs. Substituting chicken with boiled vegetables or pumpkin can help. 

A veterinary professional might recommend a probiotic food supplement to fortify your dog’s stomach. They usually contain healthy bacteria that will help break down food in the gut and aid in absorbing nutrients. 

These supplements come with vet prescriptions so it’s best to avoid buying them in bulk just for future implementation. They are also not good to be consumed after a while so they will most likely go bad. 

Wrapping Up

Having the knowledge to deal with and treat English bulldogs diarrhea issues is something that will help keep them healthy. Prevention is the ideal way to go but that does not always work out as planned. 

Knowing what the signs are is important as they cannot communicate and outright say what hurts. With a little patience and the proper treatment, this health problem will pass. It takes a couple of days for them to start being themselves again. 

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