French Bulldog Costume For Humans – 7 Amazing Ideas

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Dog owners extend their love for pets by getting clothes linked to breeds and looking for something like a French bulldog costume for humans. There are many different designs and ideas for picking up a french bulldog costume for humans. 

Some are cute and simplistic while others come with elaborate designs and have an intriguing cut. Options extend to full bulldog costumes or bulldog-themed pajamas and other such apparel.

bulldog costume for humans

ANBOTA Kids Dog Onesie Bulldog one-piece

As a full-body onesie, the ANBOTA Kids Dog Onesie Bulldog One Piece brings a little practicality to a french bulldog costume for humans. Not only is it a good piece of apparel for the cold seasons, but can even be a Halloween costume. 

Made with fleece material, the fine material offers a soft comfy feel to it. Warming and plushy, it even has a little tail in the back, the better to impersonate a bulldog. Coming in two colors, light grey and brown, and a hood specially designed to look like a bulldog’s face. 

As this product encompasses dog costumes for kids, sizing varies according to age group. Two side pockets make for a nice little storage space. This bulldog costume for humans can make a great gift for children as a multi-function garment. 

Beide Baby Bulldog footies

A sweet comfy gift for a newborn, the Beide Baby Bulldog Footies, comes with a cute French bulldog print. A snug little romper made with cotton to combat any irritation to a baby’s skin. It can be washed in a washing machine with similar colors. 

Two distinct designs are available, one with a pattern of hearts and French bulldog faces. Another with a single bulldog face on the chest. Both come with cute hats also displaying French bulldog faces. 

The enclosure is designed to snap close from neckline to feet facilitating easy changing. Sizing varies according to age which at this stage is measured in months. Not only do babies look adorable but they become even more adorable with cute clothes. 

ENJOYNIGHT women’s sleepwear

With a multitude of cute aesthetics, the ENJOYNIGHT Women’s Sleepwear also has charming sleepwear with a French bulldog print. A two-piece pajama set with a rounded neckline top and capri pants fitted with an elastic band at the waist. 

Made with soft cotton blends to offer comfortable lightweight wear. With high-quality imported dyes to make the print fade-resistant, the set can go in the washing machine in colder cycles. Using bleach should be avoided as the colors will not hold. 

Multiple sizing options come to accommodate a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Nicely sewn without any loose lines this pajama offers quite the longevity of use. The cute print design adds a splash of personality to this sleepwear, particularly for French bulldog owners. 

Boys Sleep On It 2-piece pajama

Some french bulldog costumes for humans can come in the form of pajamas like the Boys Sleep On It 2-Piece Pajama. With a sleek design and an angry bulldog face print, this bulldog costume for humans adds character with simplicity. 

Constructed with high-quality polyester fleece material for optimum comfort and softness. The pants have a red plaid design in contrast with the grey top and black sleeves. With tapered edges on the bottom of the pant leg, it keeps them from riding up while sleeping. 

Sizing comes in accordance with age groups to supply a wide array of options for multiple body types. Equipped with elastic waistband and professionally sewn to provide a high-quality pajama set that also holds warmth. A french bulldog costume for humans that works perfectly as pajamas. 

Frenchie mama shirt

As far as bulldog costumes for adults go, the Frenchie Mama Shirt is one example that announces one’s love proudly. This T-shirt has a more simplistic design with different colors available and text on the front side. It illustrated both a humorous side of owning a French bulldog and an expression of pride. 

Made with a cotton blend material that can wash nicely in the washing machine on cold cycles and without bleach. Perfect as a gift for someone in your life that revels in being a Frenchie owner. 

With multiple sizes available to fit each requirement, and the comfortable soft material it’s a perfect shirt to go for a walk-in. It has a rounded neck and long sleeves that can be twisted up for a smaller fit. 

FUNZIEZ! Unisex Bulldog pajamas jumpsuit

A full-body bulldog jumpsuit, the FUNZIEZ! Unisex Bulldog Pajamas Jumpsuit works quite nicely as a Halloween costume. Made with polyester material, it can offer a snug warm fit with a soft feel. It is enclosed with a zipper on the front, while also having zippers on the side pockets for safe storage. 

The hood part is tailored to have bulldog features, complete with slanting eyes, a mouth, and a cute nose. It also comes with a plush tail to bring the aesthetic together. It’s a perfect mash of comfort and fun, as it can be a pajama suit or warming onesie for winter. Recommendations advise to hand wash this suit. 

XBXCX 3D animal windproof face mask

A much smaller piece of apparel but just as impressive, the XBXCX 3D Animal Windproof Face Mask has a fun design. Made with 100% polyester material, this face mask brings both practicality and fun. 

On one side the face-covering protects against cold air, maybe even while walking your bulldog. On the other hand, the neat transfer printing of a bulldog face makes quite an impression. 

With a comfortable fit and moisture-wicking feature, it can protect from harsher cold elements. It is entirely breathable without fogging glasses and its multi-functionality can include activities ranging from hiking to motorcycling.


dog costumes for kids

French bulldog costume for humans is not simply limited to full-body costumes and can encompass a wide array of clothing. People like to show their appreciation for their favorite breed, and one way they do that is with clothes. Either with dog costumes for kids or bulldog-themed pajamas, there is no denying that their charm is evident.

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