Amazing Facts About French Bulldog With Long Tail

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A French bulldog with long tail is a little more uncommon but not entirely unheard of as it is more convenient to see shorter tails on Frenchies. When first researching this breed their very small tails will spark questions like do french bulldogs have tails? 

French bulldogs do, in fact, have tails even if they can be quite small. How big should a French Bulldog tail be? This question typically implies it be long enough to cover the anus. So you may be looking at your dog asking why does my French Bulldog has a long tail?

How Uncommon Is A French Bulldog With A Long Tail?

French bulldogs commonly have very short tails, but they can display longer tails. Before Frenchies came to look like they look today, they used to have longer tails by default. Comparatively, other breeds in the past sported longer tails still than a French bulldog. 

The French bulldog has seen an evolution from the English bulldog as breeders in the past wanted to make ratters. Hunting rats or other vermin, particularly on ships, entails that the dog breed would have a small frame. A short muscular tail, in combination with the quick, small stature added much-needed practicality to the French bulldog. 

That is why the French bulldog’s short tail was something breeders wanted to implement within this breed. A short tail was very useful when trying to grab the dogs by their tails without hurting them. Fighting French bulldogs were also more prized for their small tails to avoid injury. 

Why does my French Bulldog have a long tail

French Bulldog’s Tail – General Appearance

A typical French bulldog tail is about an inch long, although it can be longer in some cases. Their shorter tails can have different shapes and display diverging appearances. There is the stumpy corkscrew tail, the stumpy and straight hanging tail, and the thick base with a sharp tip. 

A French bulldog with a longer tail might display the same varying shapes but with a slightly different appearance. A longer tail in a corkscrew will look bulkier, while a straight tail will just appear longer. 

Is A Long-tailed Frenchie Purebred? 

A French bulldog with diverging features, such as a long tail, can have its purity put into question by Kennel clubs. Ordinarily, purebred Frenchies come with a pedigree certificate. French bulldogs that may have come from shelters, and display irregular breed features might not be a pure-blood Frenchie. 

DNA tests are available with veterinary professionals and can authenticate a purebred dog. Standard costs of DNA tests range from 100$ to 200$, and can even offer insight into health and ancestry. Some dog owners see having a DNA test as a fun way to discover more about their new family members. 

Do French Bulldogs Have Docked Tails? 

Hunting dog breeds usually have their tails docked in infancy, to protect them from injury. French bulldogs however don’t have this procedure as their usually small tails don’t require further shortening. 

There had been instances in the past when French bulldog breeders would intentionally change the shape of their tails. To do this, the Frenchie had to be still young so newborn puppies would undergo this procedure. Fortunately, this cruel practice has not seen the light of day recently. 

It may be more difficult to distinguish if a French bulldog with a long tail has had it docked or not. A veterinary professional can look and determine if that was the case. French bulldogs that have all their official Kennel club features are more expensive. Thus breeders may want to turn a higher profit by docking their tails. 

Bulldogs can sometimes develop severe skin problems in their tail area. Continuous infectious periods can even lead to surgery that intends to cut the tail to prevent further infections. A procedure such as this one is not the same as docking the tail during the puppy stage. An older dog might have undergone surgery like this. 

Health Complications Of Shorter Tails

There can be positive health side benefits to having a non-pure breed French bulldog with a longer tail. Bulldogs in general are notorious for their health issues, and it seems like a longer tail can eliminate some of them. 

Spinal warping

Dogs with a very small tail, or no tail, can display spinal health problems. A French bulldog with a corkscrew or curling tail can commonly have a warped spine, which can impede its health. The severity of the spinal deformation depends on a case-by-case basis and may not affect all Frenchies. An issue like this could be avoided with a longer-tailed French bulldog.

Lack of a tail pocket

Many bulldogs have short tails and some of them will exhibit tail pockets. Similar to face skin folds, a tail pocket is a skin fold under their short tail. Skin folds in general can easily grow yeast infections and so too will a tail pocket. Lacking short tails, a French bulldog with a long tail could potentially avoid this risk.

A tail pocket will not be immediately noticeable in a puppy as it forms sometimes later in their growth stage. This may spark the question do French Bulldog tails grow as they mature? Tail growth isn’t a typical stage of a Frenchie’s development, but a little growth could be seen, not anything substantial. 

Sanitation Issue With Short Tails

do french bulldogs have tails

As a short tail on a French bulldog stays very close and flat against their backsides, it can obstruct defecation. This topic is one less glamorous, but it’s something to consider. A French bulldog with a long tail may have less difficulty in this going potty and thus sidetrack potential sanitary issues.

Final Thoughts – French Bulldog With Long Tail

A French bulldog with a long tail will most likely seen disqualification by most Kennel clubs. This feature, however, will not detract from any of their other quirks and personality traits. 

Aside from questions of the purity of the breed, there’s no denying that short tails cause more problems. A French bulldog with a long tail has the potential to wag its tail in earnest. Regardless of whether they shake their entire posterior or wag a tail, a Frenchie will be just as happy. 

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Why does my French Bulldog have a long tail?

French bulldogs usually display a short tail, but it can happen that a longer tailed French bulldog makes an appearance. This is most likely the results of a mix paring with another breed that has a longer tail.

Do French Bulldog tails grow?

A French bulldog puppy’s tail may grow a little as it matures into adulthood, but it usually isn’t a large difference. A tail grows mostly in proportion to body size.

How big should a French Bulldog tail be?

A French bulldog’s tail is not very long and it usually goes as far as covering its behind a little. That would make the tail about 3 to 5 inches long.

Do french bulldogs have tails?

French bulldogs have tails, albeit very short ones. There can be instances where docking or medical issues have rendered them to have their tails removed through surgery.

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