How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat?

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Having a female dog comes with a few more responsibilities and asking how often do French bulldogs go into heat reveals how much there is to know. Having never had a female dog before, it can be a difficult experience and will take some time to accommodate. 

It’s important to fully understand a French bulldog heat cycle and what it entails. Having all the information is the first step in caring for a female French bulldog. Providing a healthy happy life means more than feeding and walking, especially when breeding is up for consideration. 

What Is A Heat Cycle?

If your female French bulldog has not been spayed, then it will have heat cycles. What this means on the physiological level is that a dog will produce reproductive hormones that contribute to fertility. During this heat period, female dogs are open to accepting males for mating purposes. 

The heat cycle is also behind what we may think of as their period. It then begs the question at what age do French bulldogs get their period, which is somewhere between 6-9 months. At 6 or 9 months a French bulldog reaches sexual maturity and the heat cycle begins. 

Identifying Signs And Symptoms Of French Bulldog Heat Cycle

Being aware of signs that announce the beginning of cycles will help one prepare to offer necessary care to your dog. A heat cycle usually comes in two stages. 

How many times a year can a French bulldog breed

First stage – the proestrus stage

Entering the first stage can come with some behavioral changes and signs such as becoming more affectionate or more irritable. Appetite can change, manifesting either with an increase in appetite or a loss in appetite. 

This first stage is also the one in which the vulva can become swollen and produce a bright red discharge. To prepare for this, you may want to invest in puppy diapers, especially since French bulldogs have smaller tails. Tucking the tail is another sign of heat cycle as an act of protection. 

Second stage – the estrus stage

The second stage is the period in which the female French bulldog will be fertile. A lighter pink discharge would appear in this stage and a female dog will start to be welcoming to male dogs. Essentially the estrus stage is considered the active part of the heat cycle a female dog will undergo. 

The bleeding part of the heat cycle is one of the messiest aspects, but some options can help. Diapers specifically designed for dogs, with access gaps for their tails are essential in the heat cycle. The amount of bleeding greatly depends on each dog and its size, and since Frenchies are small bleeding is minimal. 

There is also the question of how much do French bulldogs bleed while in heat? A dog will usually have a bleeding period of 7 to 10 days, which is around half the cycle.

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How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat? 

As opposed to human anatomy a dog will not experience their period every month. In general, a French bulldog will go into heat twice a year, which will make it about every 6 months. There could be signs of incoming heat cycles in between these periods, but it likely won’t be a fertile period. 

After about the age of six, a Frenchie’s fertility will start to go down until about the age of ten. If unspayed, however, she will still show signs of heat cycle for the rest of her life. 

Breeding Practices For French Bulldogs

French bulldog owners wanting to breed will surely be aware of the challenges. Difficulties can be found on both the expenses side as well as time investment. Knowing how often do French bulldogs go into heat, is only a small part of the breeding process. 

An average litter will consist of about 3 to 5 puppies. The number of puppies, however, can vary and it’s not something set in stone. The issue of natural birth is a hassle with this breed and will mean that C sections are the norm. 

One may wonder how many times a year can a French bulldog breed? French bulldogs’ breeding comes with risks so only by reducing how many times it happens will it protect your dog. Recommendations suggest not attempting to breed them more than once every other year. This will mean that a French bulldog can only safely breed 3 times in its entire lifetime. 

Preparing For French Bulldog Heat Cycle

It’s easy to prepare for a heat cycle when you’ve answered the question of how often do French bulldogs go into heat. It only happens a couple of times a year, and the signs are all there to announce it. Keep track of the heat cycle in preparation.

Having a stock of dog diapers will mean no rushing off to the store and risking messes in the home. Keep a closer eye on your dog during the heat cycle. Some dogs want to escape or become aggressive. 


At what age do French bulldogs get their period

Caring for a female dog one must know how often do French bulldogs go into heat. This is part of caring for a dog and must encompass some preparation and attention. Not all dogs are the same and many symptoms might not manifest themselves the same for all. Having a base knowledge will prove highly useful, especially when dealing with heat cycles for the first time. 


How many times a year can a French bulldog breed?

French bulldogs are at high risk of health complications due to pregnancy, and as such breeding needs to be done carefully. This means reducing the number of pregnancies a French bulldog should have. A French bulldog could safely have a pregnancy every two years, and a total of three in their entire life.

At what age do French bulldogs get their period?

Usually, a French bulldog gets their period when reaching sexual maturity. Ordinarily, this maturity is reached somewhere between the age of 6 to 9 months. The heat cycle is the one that marks the beginning of a French bulldog’s period and some bloody discharge occurs.

How much do French bulldogs bleed while in heat?

The amount of time a French bulldog will bleed is around 7 to 10 days. Some dogs may have fewer days of bleeding, and the quantity of discharge depends on the size of the dog. French bulldogs are small so there will not be excessive amounts of discharge, nothing a puppy diaper can’t handle.

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