The Mini Australian Bulldogs – Amazing Bulldog Subtype

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Bulldog is a very popular breed and it has a long history of selective breeding which resulted in variations like the mini Australian bulldogs. The mini Aussie bulldog is derived from the English bulldog, which has its origins in the British Isles.

Mix breeding of the English bulldog with other breeds is how French, American, and mini Australian bulldogs came to be. The Aussie in particular is a mix of Australian bulldogs with the Pug and French bulldog. As it’s a mini version of the bulldog, the core elements of the breed are still present.

Mini Australian Bulldogs Origins

The English bulldog is the one common breed from which other bulldogs stem. In 1997 the duo Mrs. Lee-ann Milton and Mrs. Pip Nobes strived to make a smaller version of Australian bulldogs. 

Initially, there was a consideration of including a Boston terrier or Staffordshire bull terrier in the mix. In the end, a French bulldog and a Pug were the choice breeds to create these miniature bulldogs.  

mini australian bulldogs

Physical Features Of Mini Australian Bulldogs

The mini Aussie bulldog has a stout and tight body with strong features. The head is square-shaped with a distinctive muzzle that looks like another box attached to the head. This structure of the head is what gives it great strength and establishes the look of a bulldog. 

A mini Australian bulldogs’ eyes are wide-set and create three folds across the wide nose which has large nostrils. The mouth tends to be undershot, and breeding specialists are still trying to correct that. It has a wide pronounced jaw, slightly square in shape.

The neck has an arch, and their chests are deep and broad. Wide-set front legs go into the shoulder which has a subtle angulation. The back legs are highly muscular, with rather bent hocks. True to its Pug mix, the tail can be screw-shaped but also straight. Some instances call for docking the tail but it’s not a requirement.

Their rounded toes and paw pads make their feet look like a cat’s. Short and smooth is how their coats usually turn out, with rough thick hairs. Some common coat colors come in white, fawn and variations of it, and five shades of brindle, with pied options. 

Females and males differ a little on the physical side as females tend to be longer bodies, to facilitate birthing. In opposition, males are more compact and stocky. Both genders however look quite formidable and strong. Mini Australian bulldogs are about 14 inches tall and weigh up to 30 pounds but the weight depends on proportions.

Mini Australian Bulldogs Temperament

In general, bulldogs love to be a part of the family. Loyalty and courage are stapled features, and this applies to the mini Aussie bulldog as well. They are very intelligent dogs and display a mild temperament, so much so that they go well with children. 

The mini Aussie bulldog is a playful dog and will most definitely like to play outside in the grass. With a courageous nature, they can be quite the watchdogs and their appearance is that much more of a deterrent. As they tend to have a more laid-back demeanor they might not be the best guard dog. 

Mini Australian Bulldogs Training And Exercise

A calm and consistently confident approach to training is really what works best for the Mini Australian bulldogs. Lack of time and further specific training needs might require professional training. 

They can have an abundance of stamina and daily activity needs to consume some of that stamina throughout the day. Daily walks are the most accessible way of helping them get the necessary exercise, but they can even go swimming. Miniature bulldogs can be more energetic than regular size bulldogs, especially females. 

Obedience training is something that they can learn at home and their intelligence will be put to good use. Even if bulldogs are known historically for their bull-baiting aggressive past, modern mini Australian bulldogs don’t have aggression problems. Disobedience issues can be subject to control with training. 

Grooming Needs 

As their coats are smooth and short-haired, grooming is an easy chore to tackle. A brush with stiff bristles is enough to do the job of loosening hairs and clearing them away. Shedding is minimal so there won’t be abundant amounts of hairs everywhere.

Bathing a dog, in general, is not something that needs to happen often. Bathing strips their natural oil and causes irritation so they need a bath only when necessary. 

Since they have wrinkles and folds on their face they need some extra attention in keeping those clean. Whipping the fold daily with a damp cloth or wipes is necessary. Dry off with a clean cloth and moisturize with balm. These areas tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast infections to develop. 

Additional Details 

Mini Aussie bulldogs have a life expectancy of about 10 to 14 years. The average litter size is between 3 to 6 puppies. Apartment living is not quite best for the mini Aussie bulldog as they need some space. 

However they are still indoor dogs and keeping them outside is not a good idea either, especially on hot days. Their brachycephalic faces can still pose difficulty breathing in hot weather. Temperate climates go best with this breed, and can even do ok in colder climates. 

Even with the extensive breeding mixes, the mini Aussie bulldog could still display some health problems inherited from regular bulldogs. But in retrospect, the Mini Aussie bulldog is fairly healthy in the bulldog breed range. 


mini aussie bulldog

The mini Australian bulldogs are a loveable bundle of joy and can fit nicely into the family sphere. Even if children are a part of that family dynamic the relaxed bearing of this breed goes well within it. 

Much of the mini bulldogs’ information to know relates to whichever other breed was thrown in the mix. With many of the physical traits of a bulldog in a smaller frame, this seems like a good choice. Some of the perks of the Aussie mini bulldog that make it healthier, easy to groom can be very attractive.

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