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French Bulldogs are already some of the most popular small dogs in the world, so many owners want to find mini French Bulldog info as they’re interested in the teacup version of the dog. It’s true that they exist, and mini French Bulldogs – or teacup Frenchies – are a popular teacup breed. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at this breed to learn all there is to learn about them and figure out whether you should get one!

Are Mini Frenchies Healthy?

This is a difficult question to answer for many different reasons. Firstly, you have to understand that French Bulldogs are in general an unhealthy breed. This is a generic trait and none of it is your fault.

Genetically, their respiratory system is badly constructed, which is why they have trouble breathing. Mini Frenchies inherited these same genetic traits. So, unfortunately, chances are that you’re going to have to be taking your dog to the vet more often than other dog owners.

These poor pups usually have trouble breathing from a very early age – this makes them prone to overheating (also, heatstroke), obesity (since they can’t burn calories because of overheating), the inability to cool down, arthritis, many heart conditions, and some other medical issues.

Their respiratory system is mostly misshaped because of their snout and their face – while people find their wrinkles cute, they’re there because their skull isn’t shaped properly, disallowing them from breathing properly. While we’re on the topic of wrinkles, know that these are a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites – meaning that you’ll have to clean your dog’s wrinkles very often if you want to keep it healthy. They can easily develop infections here!

Do mini Frenchies shed

How Did Miniature French Bulldogs Come To Be?

Some people think that mini Frenchies are actually the result of breeding Frenchies with pugs – but that’s false. They’re still pure breed French Bulldogs, it’s just that breeders decided to only breed the smallest dogs of the bunch. With time, they got a bloodline of French Bulldogs that are incredibly small! However, this relates back to the health of a French Bulldog in a bad way.

As we explained, breeders picked the smallest dogs out of a litter and only bred those kinds of dogs to reach a bloodline of tiny Frenchies. Unfortunately, in the dog world, being small usually means being ill. Miniature versions of dogs are usually more prone to illnesses and it’s quite possible that they have an illness that they were born with!

Breeders usually pick out these pups and they have to nurse them to health personally before they can live on their own without the need for constant medical attention. Because of this, it’s not odd for a miniature French Bulldog to be riddled with medical problems! Even though they’re pure breed Frenchies, they still can’t compete in dog shows.

Because of the standard regulations for French Bulldogs, provided by the AKC, teacup French Bulldogs are too small to compete with actual French Bulldogs!

Grooming And Care

There aren’t many differences when it comes to the French Bulldog and the miniature French Bulldog. Some people ask do mini Frenchies shed and just how much do they shed. They shed a moderate amount.

What you should be mindful of, however, is their skin – it’s sensitive. Frenchies are very susceptible to skin conditions such as scabs and lesions. It’s best to consult a vet and they’ll explain how often should you bathe your dog and what products should you use to ensure that their skin remains healthy!

Another thing you have to keep track of to keep these dogs healthy is their diet – they’re very prone to obesity, so make sure that you don’t overfeed them. They already have it difficult enough without the extra weight – cooling down is a real chore for them, and if they have to do it with 10 pounds more, it can easily overwhelm their small hearts. French Bulldogs don’t like exercise too much and they’re definitely not the right choice of a dog if you want to take them running or even on longer walks.

They need very little exercise and they’ll like a little bit of walking every two days, but that’s about it. They’re more laid back than other dogs and they’re also very sociable. They’ll be much happier if they can watch the TV from the couch with you than going for a run!

To end, mini French Bulldogs are smaller versions of the regular French Bulldog. These pups are still completely pure breed, they’re just hand-picked litters of small French Bulldogs. Their characteristics are very similar to those of a regular French Bulldog – they’re very sociable, but not very active. They’re prone to obesity and skin conditions, so you have to take good care of them.

However, they’re also great partners that are more than capable of making your life heaven on earth.

How long do Mini French Bulldogs live


How long do Mini French Bulldogs live?

Some people wonder how long do mini French Bulldogs live - there's no actual rule for this, as not enough scientific studies have been conducted, but according to experienced owners - they can actually live longer than regular French Bulldogs!

Do mini Frenchies shed?

The truth is, there's no difference to regular Frenchies. They shed a moderate amount - you should give them a good brush once a week, but that's about it.

What do I need to know about Mini French Bulldogs?

Firstly, the most apparent characteristic of this dog is its size! These teacup-sized Frenchies are smaller than regular Frenchies. You shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that they're small enough to fit in a purse, though! These pups can weigh up to more than 30 pounds, as they inherit their parents' genetic trait for putting on extra weight! However, if you keep your dog healthy, it should weight about 30 pounds, typically a little less. They're noticeably smaller than regular French Bulldogs, as they're usually about 11 inches tall. Except for those, most obvious differences, miniature Frenchies are pretty much the same as regular Frenchies!

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