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Even though we don’t like it, the truth is that we have to use muzzles on our dogs sometimes, and we want only the best muzzle for English Bulldogs. However, you don’t want to be putting just anything on your dog, and you also don’t want to put a muzzle if it’s unnecessary. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at muzzles, their purpose, and what exactly are the best muzzles on the market.

Do Dogs Really Need Muzzles?

The answer to this question depends on the situation you find yourself in with your dog. Believe it or not, the purpose of the muzzle isn’t only to stop the dog from biting. It’s certainly the primary purpose, and it’s proven to be very effective with aggressive dogs, but the muzzle is also supposed to stop the dog from eating.

Some dogs can’t wait to pick something up from the ground, most often a random piece of garbage, and eat it! Wearing a muzzle stops them from doing this, which is why many owners use it.

Most well-trained dogs don’t need muzzles in all honesty, as most well-trained dogs aren’t likely to pick fights with other dogs, especially if the owner is holding them by the leash. However, as already explained, muzzles aren’t here just to stop your dog from biting someone else.

There are, in fact, parks you can’t walk through unless your dog wears a muzzle. The best practice would be putting a muzzle on your dog when you’re taking it to a place where there’ll be other people. However, if your dog isn’t aggressive, it’s likely that the muzzle won’t make a difference.

What the muzzle will make a difference about is the annoying habit many dogs have of smell, or even worse – eating each other’s droppings. The muzzle pretty much renders your dog incompetent regarding this.

Do muzzles make dogs more aggressive

There are times when your dog shouldn’t wear a muzzle

Just like appropriate times when it’s best to put a muzzle over your dog’s mouth, there are also times when it’s best that they don’t wear anything. The best example of this is swimming.

Don’t even keep your dog’s muzzle on if they’re going swimming. Now, English Bulldogs actually can’t swim because they’re brachycephalic and they can’t keep their heads above water. But if you’re the lucky owner of one of the few English Bulldogs that actually can swim – make sure to take the muzzle off before they get in the water.

The muzzle restricts their movement and they could drown!

It also makes no sense to make your dog wear a muzzle when you’re home. Muzzles are only there to stop your dog from eating everything on its path or attacking everyone on its path. When you’re home, the muzzle should be taken off.

If you have trouble with your dog attacking people or eating things from the floor – then you’re in need of a dog trainer, not a muzzle!

Muzzles aren’t cruel

Some people wonder if wearing a muzzle is cruel, but the truth is that a muzzle that fits well is definitely not cruel. Your dog won’t mind wearing it and it will allow your dog to drink water and pant. What it won’t allow is biting and eating.

Best Muzzle For English Bulldogs

Bulldogs have a characteristic snout – it’s short and sort of stocky. This is the primary reason for their brachycephalic condition, but it’s also the primary reason why finding a well-fitting muzzle isn’t an easy thing to do. Below, you’ll find the shortlist of some of the best muzzles for dogs with short snouts on the market, whether you’re looking for a muzzle for dogs who eat everything or for aggressive dogs.

CollarDirect Dog Leather Basket Muzzle

This muzzle is completely adjustable to the size of your dog’s head thanks to the adjustable straps. It’s made with leather, therefore it’s skin-friendly as leather isn’t going to rub against and irritate your dog’s skin. The muzzle is soft on the face and it doesn’t press hard against it, while it’s also breathable thanks to its cross-weave design.

This muzzle is available in both black and brown, whichever suits you best, and you can easily put it on and take it off.

BronzeDog Dog Muzzle

Thanks to their large heads, Bulldogs need large muzzles. This muzzle, both sturdy in design and massive in its size, is surely going to fit right and not tighten around your pup’s face. It’s made from lightweight steel and it has soft padding on the inside so it doesn’t press against your dog’s face.

There are also four straps that will allow you to adjust the muzzle to your dog’s face.


The last entry on our list, BARKLESS dog muzzle is made for dogs with short snouts, which means that it’s a perfect fit for your English Bulldog. You can also purchase it in different sizes, so if your dog has a particularly small head, it shouldn’t be a problem to fit it. You can also buy a smaller size as a puppy muzzle!

With this muzzle, your dog can breathe and pant normally, as well as drink water. The material is fully adjustable to your dog’s head and it’s also durable.

To End

Muzzles are very effective tools when it comes to controlling your dog’s behavior, be it overeating or aggression. They’re not cruel, despite what some people may think, as most muzzles are made to fit the dog well and they won’t cause any discomfort or pain. Most owners put muzzles on their dogs because it makes other people and other dog owners feel safer.

Using a muzzle in normal conditions has no drawbacks to it and you should stray away from it if needed.

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Is muzzle for a dog cruel?

No, muzzles aren't cruel at all. Most modern muzzles can fit the dog's head perfectly and they usually don't cause the dog any discomfort.

Do muzzles make dogs more aggressive?

No, aggression has nothing to do with muzzles. If a dog is aggressive, that's because of bad disciplinary treatment from the owner.

What are muzzles used for?

The muzzle is a great tool for dogs that have problems with aggression and dogs that eat anything they come across.

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