6 Great Muzzles For French Bulldogs

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Finding muzzles for french bulldogs that actually fit is quite the struggle sometimes as their brachycephalic faces can’t fit into a regular bane dog muzzle. Specific designs made for a dog with a short snout are needed to accommodate their head. 

Oftentimes a muzzle is useful not just to stop aggressive behaviors like some misconceptions might float around about it. Muzzling a dog helps prevent them from eating non-food items as much as stopping biting or barking. Dogs often tend to follow their noses and that can lead to trouble sometimes.

JWPC Short Snout Dog Muzzle

An ideal muzzle for short-snouted dog breeds, the JWPC Short Snout Dog Muzzle provides a comfortable wear. Perfect sizing, especially if finding a fit was difficult in the past. This french bulldog muzzle is made with nylon mesh to provide durability and breathability at the same time. 

Outfitted with flexible nylon straps that adjust according to your dog’s head and snouts respectively and clips in the back. Designed with an opening to permit easy breathing through the nose and separate eye openings for visibility. The edges are carefully stitched and cushioned to prevent chafing against the skin. 

A few different sizes are available for each head shape a bully may have. Efficiently prevent excessive chewing, biting, or barking with a muzzle such as this. This muzzle can prevent dogs from eating things on the ground that could be harmful to them. 

KittyStar Adjustable Bulldog Muzzle

A muzzle geared towards short nose dogs, the KittyStar Adjustable Bulldog Muzzle is a perfect tool to safely handle your dog. Useful in socialization encounters, vet visits, or grooming appointments, as well as against biting or eating things off the ground. 

The full face muzzle is designed with interwoven nylon lattice to permit air circulation and ventilation. Nylon straps go around the neck and above the head to fix the muzzle in place and adjust the size accordingly. A plastic buckle holds it in place and keeps it from falling off. 

This muzzle comes with two versions of face-covering one with eye openings and another with a full mesh covering the eyes. Both versions have an opening for the nose to facilitate breathing. The comfortable material ensures safe wearability as it is soft to the touch. 

JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzles For French Bulldogs

Easy to put on and take off the JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzles brings comfort to an anxious dog. Excellent muzzles for french bulldogs, it comes with an ergonomic design, providing a breathing gap at the nose. A mesh pattern on the rest of the muzzle helps with ventilation without impeding vision. 

Comfortably holds a dog’s face with its highly comfortable material. Versatile straps hold the muzzle onto the dog’s head with plastic insert clips. Every dog is different so the option to customize the size of the muzzle is essential. No ruff edges on this muzzle, as it’s stitched and cushioned to prevent chafing. 

Behavioral problems like excessive chewing, barking, and aggression are easier to manage by using a muzzle. This, of course, makes going to the vet or groomer that much easier as well and taking part in socialization activities during walks. 

Cilkus Short Snout Dog Muzzles

An outlier among muzzles for french bulldogs, the Cilkus Short Snout Dog Muzzles comes with a unique and cute design. With extra room to accommodate their snout and provide enough space for stretching their tongue and yawning. Such a comfy fit helps maintain an even breathing process.

The wide openings at the eye level provide the clearest field of vision for your dog to promote calmness. A full-coverage muzzle, designed with a mesh pattern and two horizontal gaps in the front for better air circulation. The elongated snout guard and openings also provide a cute pig snout aesthetic.

Easy to wear and take off, reliably staying in place with velcro adjustable straps. Comfortable fit with softened edges carefully sewn to prevent irritation. A perfect muzzle to reduce barking, licking, biting, and discourage eating foreign objects from the ground. 

Doglay Short Snout Dog Muzzles

Constructed with environmentally friendly materials, the Doglay Short Snout Dog Muzzles brand provides perfect muzzles for french bulldogs. Designed with eye and mouth exposures to offer a better range of vision as well as the ability to breathe smoothly. 

An adjustable nylon strap with buckle and size slider supplies better fitting for whichever size your dog needs. The versatility of having the slider ensures more fitting wearability without the risk of it falling off. Its lightweight construction reduces weight burden, offering a comfortable tight fit. 

The edges of the muzzle are specially made with soft material to lightly rest on your dog’s face and head. The safe materials used to make the muzzle promotes healthy and safe wear that doesn’t irritate the skin. An effective Frenchie muzzle to stop behaviors such as biting, chewing, barking, or picking things off the ground. 

TANDD Short Snout Dog Muzzle

An excellent Frenchie muzzle, the TANDD Short Snout Dog Muzzle is suitable for short snout dogs with brachycephalic faces. Built with PVC material that doesn’t give off any unpleasant odors and ensures durability. The larger opening at the nose permits panting to easily dissipate heat. 

Expandable straps with a size slider provide a perfect fit for multiple sizes. Easy to attach and make sure it stays in place for the duration needed. Comfortable soft fabric with cushioned edges to dispel friction and protect from scratches. Wide eye openings make for a good field of view and do not hinder vision. 

Highly useful for discouraging excessive chewing, barking, or bitting. During walks or training sessions the useful opening at the mouth permits access to offer treats. 


No matter the reason for which you are looking into getting muzzles for french bulldogs, finding the perfect size is hard. From sizes to design choices, color, or with extra features to help train and give treats there is a fit out there for any dog. 

Depending on the type of muzzle chosen some come with really playful designs, with practicality in addition to visually appealing aesthetics. 

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