Introducing The Quirky Scott American Bulldog

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The English bulldog breed saw many transformations in its journey through history and the Scott American bulldog is one such transformation. As the bulldog spread to homes across the globe, breeders have added many features and traits to them.

After the bull-baiting past of the English bulldog when such practices became illegal, in America bulldogs became farm dogs. They were good at rounding up bulls and pigs, since they display tremendous courage, but are also excellent guard dogs. From those standard bulldog origins, the Scott American bulldog came to be. 

Scott American Bulldog Origins

In the case of the Scott American bulldog, breeding lines are what come to define it. This manifests by adopting the name of the breeder themselves, along with the features they chose to incorporate. 

scott american bulldog

In 1970 a breeder named John D. Johnson had two American female bulldogs crossbred with an English bulldog. This made a larger version of a bulldog with an undershot lower jaw. This version has the name of the breeder, Johnson American bulldog.

From there, Alan Scott had one of the first Johnson American bulldogs and crossbred it with non-Johnson bulldogs from farms. This ultimately led to the Scott American bulldog. 

Scott American Bulldog Physical Characteristics

Like any other bulldog, the Scott American bulldog has a muscular powerful body, a common feature for all varieties. But with a Scott bulldog, the body features are a little more lean than bulky. The Scott-type American bulldog breeders’ design was for it to be more agile and have a more level bite. 

A Scott-type bulldog displays a large square-like head with a muscular neck, remnants of bulldog ancestry. The entire body’s musculature is an inheritance from the bulldog ancestry, as strength was a requirement to take down bulls. 

They have a slightly longer muzzle with round or almond-shaped eyes that have shades of brown to dark brown. Lips droop loosely on the sides of their face, and their ears fold towards the front. Typical wrinkles or facial folds seem to be lacking from this breed. 

This stocky appearance of a Scott bulldog makes them look like formidable intimidating dogs. A Scott American bulldog can look very similar to a Pitbull and it is often mistaken for one.

Scott American Bulldog Coat Colors And Patterns

Scott American bulldogs have short, smooth, and soft coats. Color markings varieties range from reddish fawn, tan, brown, black, and the classic brindle. These markings usually lay on top of their pure white short coat.

In this regard, it looks a little like a white Pitbull but completely different from a Johnson. A Johnson American bulldog has a white coat base with patches of brown or black. 

Personality And Temperament Of A Scott American Bulldog

Although the Scott American bulldog looks intimidating, it can actually be a very friendly and loving dog. The bull-baiting part of their heritage is something breeders turn away from. Those aggressive features are no longer a part of their personalities,  with a higher focus on looks or athleticism. 

This gentle giant wants to spend time with its owners so don’t be surprised if they think they are lap dogs. Fiercely loyal and independent, the Scott American bulldog is a bundle of energy. They may go a little bit wild when out and about, so they need obedience training to discourage roaming tendencies. 

A Scott American bulldog fits well with families that have children due to the dog’s gentle nature and friendliness. They can be territorial with their homes and display protective behavior towards the mailman. 

Exercise And Training A Scott American Bulldog

When it comes to training a Scott American bulldog, home training is a possibility. If however, they still tend to want to be highly independent when out walking, they could benefit from professional training. 

They need daily walks and exercise to let out that wild energy they have, and not get bored and destructive. 30 to 45 minutes a day should be enough to tire them out and not become destructive in the home. 

For puppies younger than 12 months 10 to 15 minutes walks are enough, without any strenuous exercising. Growing puppies need some time to develop, and impactful activity can impact their growth. Adult Scott American bulldogs can have higher rates of exercise to stimulate and maintain their muscles.

The life expectancy of a Scott American bulldog is between 10 to 16 years, with the right diet and exercise routine. They are prone to some health issues and thus may need some extra attention. 

Scott American Bulldog Health And Care 

Caring for a Scott American bulldog will mean providing them with suitable meals to fit their high energy. As they grow into adults their diets will undoubtedly change. It’s important to know that this breed is susceptible to obesity and as such the diet needs adjustments accordingly. 

The Scott American bulldog is generally a healthy breed, but there are some potential health problems to take into account. Cherry eye is a common health problem bulldogs can face. How it manifests is as a reddish round mass bulging from the eyelid. This condition is treatable but can cause some other issues down the line, such as eye dryness.

scott type american bulldog breeders

There are a few other common genetic health problems that can develop. Bone cancer, kidney or thyroid disorder, and even elbow dysplasia to name a few. Other small health and care necessities will include cleaning their ears and drool. 

All these conditions are more a guideline into possible health problems. There is no guarantee any of them will ever develop. Since the Scott bulldog saw many genetic changes, they could just have dodged most health problems associated with bulldogs. 

Final Thoughts

The passion for the bulldog is what ultimately saved them from dying out after bull baiting became illegal. That same passion is what drives many today to continuously improve upon the aesthetic and health of the bulldog.

The Scott American bulldog is a shining example of the path the bulldog has seen over so many years. With cute expressive faces, they will touch your heart and give back so much love and loyalty in return.

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