Easy Steps To Taking Care Of An English Bulldog

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The basics of caring for a dog are important when getting a puppy and taking care of an English bulldog requires some preparation beforehand. Becoming a dog parent is quite a responsibility and as such will need a patient hand. 

Starting out with gathering some information about the breed is the best way to go. Bulldogs are a very popular breed around the world, but in the past, they were mostly prized for bull baiting. Extensive breeding for the fighting ring is how bulldogs got the appearance they now have, which comes with genetic risks.

Finding An Ethical Breeder 

English bulldog appearance is what holds esteem with the breed, and breeding practice through the years creates modern breeds. Once bull baiting became outlawed, the interest for the bulldogs dropped, and only a handful of bulldogs were rescued. This is why the gene pool of English bulldogs is shallow and comes with genetic health issues. 

Taking care of an English bulldog may involve seeking a responsible breeder that has taken care to breed healthy puppies. English bulldog care should involve a level of knowledge about the parents of your prospective puppy. Although the English bulldog’s legacy will still have some genetic health issues, certain ones can be rooted out ethically. 

The Basics Of Taking Care Of An English Bulldog

Looking after an English bulldog will entail implementing some care essentials into a daily activity. This is true with any new pet, and as we all want the best for our pets, the best care will contribute greatly to their health and happiness. 

Taking Care Of An English Bulldog – Dietary Needs 

A young puppy needs the best diet to provide the necessary nutrients for them to grow strong. To get the best out of dog food, selecting high-value dog food is a good route to take. 

Lower-grade dog food can have filler ingredients such as grains, which can be harmful. In opposition, dog food containing fruits, vegetables, and meat will provide a richer meal to a growing English bulldog.

The size of a portion to give a dog varies accordingly from puppy to adult dog. Usually, portions are calculated by weight for adult dogs, but puppies get a little more food as they are still growing. Also, provide fresh water each day preferably in a stainless steel bowl.

Taking Care Of An English Bulldog – Training, and Exercise

Providing a training structure when raising English bulldog puppies is essential. As a puppy, potty training could take a little longer. Ordinarily, an 8-week old puppy should know not to poop where it sleeps or eats but may pee inside. Once they pee, take them out immediately, which will train them to not pee inside. 

For older dogs, a daily routine will start the day with feeding then a morning walk for potty purposes. Later in the day comes a second meal and a second walk. Usually, two or three walks are enough but it depends on the dog’s needs. Also, since they are so top-heavy, swimming might not be for them as a form of exercise. 

Taking Care Of An English Bulldog - Training, and Exercise

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Another training essential to tackle is leash training for walks. Since English bulldogs tend to have difficulty breathing, walking them with a leash on a harness is safer. 

Lastly, obedience training is a must with English bulldogs. An English bulldog’s temperament is what gets many people to ask are bulldogs hard to take care of? In reality, English bulldogs are very loveable but stubborn dogs, but the same can be true with any number of other breeds. 

Socialization is the key to obedience training, and the more environments, people, and events they are exposed to, the better. Not all bulldogs are the same and different personalities will garner different responses. But some time and attention will make them more obedient.

English Bulldog Tips and Advice Grooming Necessities  

English bulldogs have short hair which means they will not shed as much. Brushing the coat with a bristle brush will gather any loose hairs and prevent them from spreading in the home. 

Bathing should be an infrequent grooming practice, done only when necessary, say if they played in the mud. Too many baths strip the skin and coat of natural oils which can lead to irritation. Their skin folds need to be cleaned on a regular basis and moisturized with balm. 

Health Problems – English Bulldog Care

Now it’s no secret that taking care of an English bulldog will involve tackling some genetic health problems. Being aware of these potential health risks will be useful in tailoring a preventative health plan. 

General Health Information On English Bulldogs

Skin infections pose a greater risk for English bulldogs, due to their numerous skin folds. These most desired features for this breed are also a breeding ground for bacteria. That is why they need regular cleaning in between these folds and facial wrinkles. 

The compact but muscular body of an English bulldog can be susceptible to obesity. Complications from a heavier bulldog can lead to joint problems, digestive and metabolic disorders, heart problems, and back pain. 

Parasite medicated treatments are a basic health necessity with advice from a vet. Taking into account potential allergic risks, a vet will know exactly what medication to prescribe for worm and flea treatment. 

Genetic Health Risks An English Bulldog Can Display

Maybe the most well-known health issue bulldogs display are respiratory problems due to their flat faces. The mass of tissue inside their nose and throat makes it difficult to breathe, and the small nostrils don’t help. 

This isn’t something easily remedied as the brachycephalic faces are synonymous with bulldogs. What can be done is to avoid extensive walks and exercise, especially on hot days. 

Bulldogs also have difficulty reproducing naturally. This is because of their heavy bodies and weaker hind legs. Artificial insemination is how most bulldog puppies come to be, through c section birthing, which can pose another health risk.


Welcoming a new puppy into your, particularly an English bulldog, is a big responsibility. These gentle, goofy dogs bring much to the table with loyalty, courage, and a distinctive personality. 

Bulldogs have found a special spot in many hearts, and this is evident around the world. With a little preparation, taking care of an English bulldog will create a powerful bond. 

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