Amazing Origins Of Tri Colored French Bulldogs

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French bulldogs are a very admired breed and tri-colored French bulldogs can bring interesting combinations or markings to add to their uniqueness. Wondering how much do tricolor French bulldogs cost will contribute to the decision making when picking a Frenchie.

Bulldog tricolor coat variations stem from the base colors this breed already displays. Physical coat color comes to complement the already cute French bulldogs and their energetic personality. With a mushy face and expressive eyes, tri-colored French bulldogs offer unique, beautiful coat markings. 

Basic French Bulldog Coat Colors

The base coat colors for French bulldogs usually come in solids and there are quite a few of them. The fawn color is a dark reddish color that can vary from a darker to a lighter shade. The lighter shade usually appears on the belly.

There isn’t a brindle coloration for shades of fawn, and it also comes with or without a darker face mask. Certain lighter shades are a result of dilution and can present with some unique colors. 

Brindle is a color that is mostly dark with lighter hairs spread in a random pattern or uniformly throughout the coat. White patches can form with these colors, on the chest, neck, head, and toes. This is the most common coloration for French bulldogs and it has a fawn base color. 

A more off-white color falls under the category of cream for French bulldogs, which makes up the last official color. Some lighter colors that are a result of discoloration from fawns could be mislabeled as cream.

Tricolored French Bulldogs – Genetic Explanation

tri french bulldog

Many tri-colored French bulldogs have a predominantly white color and other shades form coat markings. French bulldogs with a tri-color pattern get this color mix from a gene called A locus. The darker markings usually form on the back around the eyes and ears and under the neck.

It’s complicated to explain every color variation from a genetic perspective. Normally, a recessive gene is responsible for any deviation in color, but sometimes multiple other genes are involved. Some genes are responsible for producing solid, colors, piebalds, tricolors, and even masks or explain their location on the body. 

A tri French bulldog is officially recognized when more than 50 percent of its coat has darker patches. The base colors are also the ones that can combine to make tri-colored French bulldogs. 

Combinations Of Tri Colored French Bulldogs

White base color with fawn patches and another darker color form a chocolate fawn tri coloration combination. A combination of black, white, and tan can from a black tricolor. A rarer combination comes with a greyish-blue base with tan and lilac. 

The spots, dots, and patches of tricolor French bulldogs can be very beautiful and unique. There isn’t only one type of pattern that occurs and depending on their parents and luck, interesting results can happen. 

Controversies Regarding Tri Colored French Bulldogs

Bulldogs have a long history of health issues due to human intervention in their breeding. Selective breeding plays a part in obtaining distinctive coat colors, like tri color variations. The main argument against such practices is that they can potentially cause other negative features to be passed down. 

Genes are linked to physical appearance and genes can also influence physical health with congenital diseases. Some less life-threatening afflictions can include alopecia, which, although inconvenient, can be dealt with.

Other more challenging health issues come in the form of sensitive skin, cataracts, and blindness. Eye health issues are attributed to lighter color eyes, which come with discoloration of the coat. When considering what is a tri-color Frenchie, aspects of its health also have to be taken into account. 

The gene pool has limitations when trying to achieve specific rare colors that can be found within the existing breed. Health issues are legitimate concerns, especially when wondering how much do tri-color French bulldogs cost.

Typical French bulldogs pups usually go for about 1000 to 2000 US dollars. Tri-colored French bulldogs can tip that scale even more with a price of 1500 to 3000 US dollars. 

Avoiding Health Problems With Tri Colored French Bulldogs 

It can be hard to completely avoid any health issues if tri-colored French bulldogs are the pet you want. Health screening is something that may help, and if it happens to involve a healthier tri-colored Frenchie, all the better. 

Certain DNA tests can indicate potential health risks that can possibly be prevented. Responsible breeders can be found, ones that wish to produce healthy tri coloration in Frenchies. 

Conclusion – Tri Colored French Bulldogs

How much do tri color French bulldogs cost

French bulldogs are cute, cuddly dogs with so much personality packed into such a tiny body. Complementing that personality with a quirky coat color is something that would fit them very well. Luckily this breed comes with so many different color variations that there is definitely there something for every taste.

From the solid colors to the very popular brindle patterns and even more unique combinations of pied and tri-colored. Genes are responsible for the discoloration of the coat that can even influence the color of their eyes. It’s important to also keep an eye out for potential health issues that these genes could potentially come with. 


What is a tri color Frenchie?

A tri color Frenchie is a more atypical coat coloration on a French bulldog. Usually, they come in solid colors or brindle patterns. But there are exceptions and selective breeding can result in certain recessive genes diluting the initial colors and mixing more than two.
Thus a French bulldog is obtained with three colors in very unique patterns and markings. Dogs with interesting features are always most prized by owners, and the same is true for tri colored French bulldogs.

How much do tri color French bulldogs cost?

French bulldogs alone are an expensive breed to buy in general. A regular puppy would cost somewhere between 1000 to 2000 US dollars. Color variation can play a significant role in this price making them more expensive the process. Tri colored French bulldogs could go for as much as 1500 to 3000 US dollars.

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