When Do A French Bulldog’s Ears Go Up?

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French Bulldogs arent the only dogs with their ears pointing up, causing owners to wonder when do a French Bulldogs ears go up. This, among many other characteristics, is another lovable thing about these pups. In this article, well be taking a look at the shape and the behavior of French Bulldogs ears!

When Do French Bulldog Ears Stand Up?

Similar to other breeds, the German Shepherd, for example - their ears dont go up as soon as theyre born. Instead, it will likely take months for their ears to go up completely. Sometimes it can take as little as a month or as much as four months before their ears go up and stay up!

Its also possible for one ear to go up at a time. This isnt at all odd and its a completely natural part of their growing process! Its normal for the ears of a French Bulldog to stay down for a long time before they spike up and stay up.

There are cases of the ears of a French Bulldog never going up - this isnt a problem in any way and you shouldnt worry about their health. A general rule of thumb is that their ears start standing up when theyre done with teething. Teething usually lasts for about eight weeks.

If youre wondering what does teething has to do with ears, youll be surprised to learn that its actually connected! Teething is one of the most important objectives of your dogs body in its early life! Because of this, its using most of its calcium to grow teeth. Only after growing the teeth can the body start focusing on other, less important body parts. One of those parts is the ears!

french bulldog ears

During this time, your puppys ears will go up one or both at the same time, but they likely wont stay up for long. Once teething ends, though, the body will start to work on the ears more!

During this early stage of the dogs life, many owners think that adding a lot of calcium to the food will help the dog with their ears. This is completely false. Adding a lot of yogurt or milk to your dogs diet wont help them develop standing ears quicker! Moreover, tinkering with a dogs diet isnt that good of an idea!

Helping Your French Bulldog With Its Ears

Its possible that your puppy needs a little bit of help with its ears. There are many owners who do this by taping. This process is usually harmless and isnt painful, but itd be best if you spoke to your vet before you went through with it!

When owners use tape to keep their dogs ears up, they usually wrap some masking tape around the base of the ear after pulling it up. The tape will ensure that the ears stay like that. Then, they connect those two tapes with another part of the tape, fashioning a bridge. Leaving that on for a few days will usually result in your puppy developing ears that stand up!

Some owners have to do this twice or even three times as their dogs dont develop standing ears immediately! If your dogs ears dont stand up after that, though, it would perhaps be best to leave them alone. Let nature take its course!

If your French Bulldogs ears are down and you seemingly cant do anything about it - thats not a bad thing. This wont cause any problems with their health and you certainly shouldnt make a big deal out of it.

The American Kennel Club defines the French Bulldog ear as the bat ear. By definition, they should be broad at the base, elongated, with round top, set high on the head but not too close together, and carried erect with the orifice to the front. This only means that your French Bulldog wont be able to compete in dog competitions, but it doesnt carry any bad meaning regarding their health.

There are a few health problems that can happen to a Bulldog with both standing ears and floppy ears!

French Bulldog Ears And Health Concerns

One of the most common problems with their ears is ear infections. This has nothing to do with their ears standing up or being floppy! Their ear canals are narrow by nature, which makes them susceptible to ear infections.

Ear infections arent that easy to spot - theyll usually manifest through redness, a build-up of wax, and your pup might become prone to excessive scratching. If you notice these symptoms, you should definitely take your dog to the vet. Luckily, you can easily prevent this by properly cleaning your dogs ears.

Its best to do this with an ear cleaner - you can usually find it in a pet shop. Apply it on some cotton and rub it on your dogs ear. Afterward, just dry your pups ears with a piece of dry cloth!

Another possible health concern regarding your pups ears is sunburns! French Bulldogs are susceptible to ear sunburns because of their thickness. Their ears are very thing, so they burn very easily. However, you can prevent this by buying dog-safe sunscreen and keeping them out of the sun when its really hot outside.

Its also possible for your dog to develop deafness or to be born deaf. Unfortunately, theres usually very little you can do about this. This is usually determined by the genetics of the dog.

To Sum Up

when do french bulldog ears stand up

If you see your French Bulldog ears down, there isnt a reason to worry. This is completely natural, especially if theyre young. Its also possible that theyll never develop standing ears, but this isnt that likely.

You could try to help your dog with its ears by taping them, but make sure to consult a vet and more experienced owners before you do this. If your Frenchies ears do stay down for their whole life, know that that wont affect their health in any way! The only difference it makes is in dog shows!

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