Why Do Bulldogs Skateboard?

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You’ve surely come across of at least one photo or video of a Bulldog skateboarding, prompting the question: why do Bulldogs skateboard? This activity is more come than you’d think! It’s a matter of instinct and the way their body is built, and in today’s article, we’ll take a much closer look at this intriguing occurrence.

 bulldogs skateboarding

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Why Do Bulldogs Like to Skateboard?

It's very unlikely that Bulldogs skateboard because of the physical activity! Most Bulldogs avoid physical activity as they're fans of laying around much more.

However, they're probably aware of the reaction it starts in human. We'll answer the question "How do Bulldogs Skateboard?" later, but for now it's important to understand that these dogs usually recognize the reaction their skateboarding causes in humans - and they love it.

Because of this, they want to do it again and again. When you take that into account, you have to wonder what would they be doing if they knew that the videos of them skateboarding go viral!

How do Bulldogs Skateboard?

Bulldogs usually discover skateboarding by accident. There's a board on the ground, they sniff it around, step on it and realize that it rolls forward when they do. It's not difficult for them to learn to always keep two legs on the board and push themselves off with the other two legs.

However, Bulldogs aren't only aware of the mechanism that makes skateboards work. They're actually quite good at it. How is this possible?

Well, the one gaping difference between Bulldogs and humans is their low center of gravity. These dogs actually weigh quite a lot for their size, which means that their center of gravity is particularly low in height.

Another ace in their sleeve is the fact that they have short legs that aren't too far apart. This allows them to have great control of movement.

Because of this particular build, Bulldogs find skateboarding easy and natural. For those very same reason, larger dogs like German Shepherds for example, wouldn't find skateboarding as easy. Their long legs and high center of gravity would mean that they'd have very little balance.

Is Skateboarding Useful?

Unfortunately, Bulldogs don't really like to exercise. Taking them for a 15 minute walk every day is more than enough for them. That's what they think, at least. In reality, they should exercise more than that.

Since you can't force your Bulldog to work out, you can definitely trick it into doing so! Skateboarding requires them to actively push themselves around, which will certainly pick their heart rate up a little.

Skateboarding can be immensely useful for Bulldogs, as it's a great way to trick them into exercising. Just make sure that you applaud your dog when it skateboards as it will lose interest if you don't!

Additionally, when it comes to obesity, Bulldogs are short and a little bit fat by nature. However, this can turn into obesity very easily, which is why exercise and diet are so important to them. Because of obesity, they can develop many painful illnesses, such as arthritis.

How Do I Get My Bulldog to Skateboard?

Firstly, understand that skateboarding isn't a natural activity for dogs (it isn't natural for humans either, but that's irrelevant). If your dog isn't willing to jump on that board and start rolling around your apartment, you shouldn't force it. It's more of an instinctive thing than a matter of training.

The best way to get your Bulldog to skateboard is to just leave the board lying around and hope for the best. If your dog isn't interested, however, there are a few things that you can do to try and train it to roll.

Just like with all other commands, positive reinforcement is the way to go. Put that board down on the floor and get use treats to get your dog to climb on it and push it around at least a little bit.

The dog will probably feel scared at first, as the ground beneath them is suddenly moving, but it should understand what's going on and pick up the habit soon enough. Make sure that you encourage your dog every single time it does something right!

However, be ready to accept that your dog might not want to push a skateboard around, no matter what you do. Even though they're very sociable and eager to please, Bulldogs are also very stubborn dogs and they might disagree with you so much they won't even get on the board.

Is It Dangerous for a Bulldog to Skateboard?

Even though Bulldogs skateboarding isn't that uncommon to see, some owners still wonder whether it's actually safe for their dogs to do so. Well, first of all, a skateboard for Bulldogs isn't for all Bulldogs!

French Bulldogs usually don't board because they're far too short and, frankly, their legs are far too weak to push both the board and themselves without them tiring very quickly.

American Bulldogs are far too large to skateboard! Their legs are long and they're quite heavy because of all the muscle they're packing.

English Bulldogs are the ones most likely to skateboard, and it's usually safe for them if they're doing it in a controlled environment. Don't let your dog board on the road or anywhere near fine china or breakable glass.
Aside from that, skateboarding is completely safe for your dog. Mild bumps and bruises are completely normal for dogs.

A skating Bulldog is a real sight to see, but it’s not impossible to teach this to your dog. This is a great activity for your dog if you want them to stay healthy and exercise. Bulldogs usually don’t exercise, which is why some owners want to trick them into skateboarding as a form of exercise. This is usually an instinctive move for Bulldogs, but you can also teach your bulldog to skate!

They skate so well because they have a low center of gravity and short, strong legs, which allows them to control the board well.

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