Why You Shouldn T Get A French Bulldog?

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French Bulldogs can be cute and cuddly, but these dogs are extremely high-maintenance. Their short lifespan is also costly—you’ll have to put them down at age six or seven when they’re still young and potentially healthy. If you want a dog that will last for years, consider something like the Boston Terrier instead

“French bulldogs are the worst” is a phrase that has been used for years. The French Bulldog is not the dog for everyone, so it’s best to avoid them if you’re looking for a pet. Read more in detail here: french bulldogs are the worst.

A “French Bulldog” is a breed of dog that originated in France. They are often bred to be very small, with the weight usually ranging from 4-10 pounds. French Bulldogs have been known for being stubborn and difficult to train, which has led many people to believe they shouldn t exist. Reference: french bulldogs shouldn t exist.

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